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A9 (Jersey)

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From:  St Helier (XD917793)
To:  St John (XD900727)
Via:  Becquet Vincent, Hautes Croix
Distance:  5.3 miles (8.5 km)
Meets:  A1, A14, A8, A10, B33
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Route outline (key)
A9 St Helier - St John
This article is about the Jersey A9.
For the Scottish A9, see A9
For the Manx A9, see A9 (Isle of Man).

The A9 is one of Jersey's longer A roads, starting off as part of the hustle and bustle of the St Helier Ring Road, and ending up in the tranquility of the village of St John near the north coast.

Starting at a signalised junction on the A1, Esplanade, and is one-way towards the junction along Gloucester Street, being the anti-clockwise part of the ring road. This runs past the Hospital, and then turns left along The Parade. At the corner of the Parade Gardens, the A9 turns right and becomes two-way along Elizabeth Place, now forming the ring road in both directions. At a roundabout with the A14, the A9 forks left and starts to head out of town along Queen's Road. This cclimbs up past the islands B&Q and small retail park, becoming La Grande Route de St Jean as it leaves St Helier behind.

Whilst there are plenty of fields along the roadside as the A9 heads north, the regular ribbon of roadside development and 30mph speed limit disguise the rural nature of Jersey's centre, and then the village of Sion at the northern end of the urban tail gives a more built up feel once more, although it only features a Coop. The next right leads to the island's transport museum, and then the A9 finally gains a rural feel as it winds through fields to Hautes Croix. Here, the route TOTSOs left with the A8 and forms part of the only A road section of the main north coast route, the remainder being B roads.

The route is narrower now along the Route des Issues, with a handful of pinch points and tighter bends, as it heads west between fields and through tree-lined avenues. All too soon, however, the village of St John is reached. This is the largest of the villages in the north of the island, with a selection of shops to serve this part of Jersey. The A9 continues through the village, past a junction with the A10 as the Route de la Mare Ballam and appears to come to an end just past St Johns Church, at the junction with the Route du Nord. The onward route to St Mary is the B33. Some maps suggest this last section is the A10, but the signage contradicts this.

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A9 (Jersey)
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