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A10 (Jersey)

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From:  Millbrook (XD899779)
To:  St John (XD900727)
Via:  St Lawrence, Trois Bois, Carrefour
Distance:  3.6 miles (5.8 km)
Meets:  A1, B59, B39, B53, B50, B52, A9
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Route outline (key)
A10 Millbrook - St John
This article is about the Jersey A10.
For the British A10, see A10
For the Manx A10, see A10 (Isle of Man).

The A10 forms a north-south cross-island route on Jersey.

Starting at a T-junction in St Lawrence on the A1 in Millbrook, the A10 climbs northwards up Le Mont Felard, hemmed in by walls and sheer rock cutting. At the top of the climb, the road is lightly built up (passing through the settlement of la Ville Emphrie) and the junction with the parallel B59. Here Le Mont Felard becomes La Grande Route de Saint-Laurent and the road continues north to the village of St Lawrence.

After passing through the village at only 20mph, the road becomes rural, with NSL for the first time, however this is short lived as after the B39 the road becomes urban again, heading through Carrefour. On leaving the parish village, there is a sharp chicane to the right, and after a short while, the B53 heads off towards St Mary. On the edge of St John, there is a quick succession of junctions - the B50 heading right and then a fork after the 30mph limit, where the right fork is the B52 and the A10 takes the left fork. Almost immediately afterwards, the A9 merges in, with A10 traffic being unable to turn onto the A9 (the B52 performs this movement due to a lack of visibility to the right of the A9 because of a granite wall), though having to give way to the A9's traffic. The A10 continues concurrent with the A9, for about 20 yards, before becoming the B33 outside St John's parish church.

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A10 (Jersey)
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