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From:  Basford ST5 (SJ860466)
To:  Chesterton ST5 (SJ834488)
Distance:  2.3 miles (3.7 km)
Meets:  A53, A527, B5368, B5370, A34, B5500
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Route outline (key)
B5369 Basford – Chesterton
Dimsdale Parade

The B5369 runs through the north-eastern suburbs of Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire. Originally unclassified, the route gained its present number in the late 1920s.

Starting from a junction on the A53 in Basford, three quarters of a mile east of Newcastle town centre, it first heads NNW along Basford Park Road. After a short distance it bends slightly to the right and a service road appears on the left, which is the original drive to the now demolished Basford Hall and existed long before Basford Park Road was even thought of. At the end of the service road, the B5369 reaches a large, grassy area called Wolstanton Marsh (actually in May Bank at this point!) and crosses the A527 at a set of traffic lights. These were not installed until the link road between Jubilee Road and Alexandra Road was built in the 1970s; prior to this, the B5369 ran through what is now a car park and crossed the A527 at a staggered junction. The old route is clearly visible.

For historical reasons (as this was the first road built) until the 1990s, the route of the B5369 to the south of the A527 actually ran along Oxford Road and Lower Oxford Road – TOTSOing twice between the two – rather than Basford Park Road, although traffic was not directed that way. This situation lasted until the access from Lower Oxford Road to the A53 was blocked for reasons of safety.

After intersecting the A527, the B5369 continues along Wolstanton Marsh, passing Porthill Park Cricket Club (a former haunt of SF Barnes) and meets the B5368, which multiplexes with the B5369 for a short distance. The Marsh ends soon after this and before long there's a junction with the (unsignposted) B5370. Our route now passes between Bradwell (with street names referencing local author Arnold Bennett's books) and Wolstanton Golf Course and soon reaches a roundabout junction with the A34. Beyond this, the road continues for a further quarter of a mile or so before it ends on the B5500 (former A52) on the edge of Chesterton.

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Dimsdale Parade East, Wolstanton (C) Derek Harper - Geograph - 2100975.jpg
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