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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Winshill (SK257232)
To:  Toyota Island, Willington (SK292297)
Via:  Repton
Distance:  6 miles (9.7 km)
Meets:  A444, A511, A5132, A38, A50
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

Derbyshire • Staffordshire

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B5008 Winshill - Willington
Entering Newton Solney on the B5008

The B5008 follows the east bank of the River Trent north of Burton upon Trent towards Derby. It is an attractive alternative to the A38 to its west.

The road begins at the east of Burton's main river crossing by the Swan public house. This is also the junction of the A444 and A511 roads. It is commonly believed than the name of the pub actually denotes the directions from this place where a gallows once stood: Swadlincote, Winshill, Ashby, and Newton Solney. It's a bit unlikely but there you go.

The road leaves the busy junction at the Swan and heads northish, with the river wash-lands (Bass Meadows) to the left. It passes the Sump public house and exits the town a mile or so further. Here it is close to the river but it climbs over the next mile to 70+ metres above sea level, giving a good view across the river valley. It then turns inland a little to pass through Newton Solney before taking a direct line to Repton village, home of the well known (and very expensive) public school. Jeremy Clarkson was 'educated' there.

The road turns left at the village crossroads (now a roundabout with the market cross in the middle) and, snaking past the school buildings and renowned Saxon church, leaves the area via a causeway over the Trent floodplain. The river in turn is crossed by an ancient bridge and so we pass into Willington.

The A5132 is met in the village centre close to the railway station at a set of mini roundabouts. The B5008 then leaves the village to the north, passing through a set of traffic lights (allowing access to the Mercia Marina) and over a level crossing on the Stoke to Derby line before terminating, half a mile further north, at the A38/A50 grade-separated junction known as Toyota Island. Just short of this is a large retail development (Derby with Burton services) which includes a pub/restaurant and two food takeaway chain outlets.

Before the A50 improvements of the 1990s, the B5008 met the A38 near the site of the present roundabout at a simple, at-grade LILO junction.

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B5008 Toyota Island.jpgNew roundabout and Services - Geograph - 707712.jpgScale photographic reproduction of former sign in Willington, Derbyshire.JPGEntering Newton Solney from Burton on Trent - Geograph - 397654.jpgThe former Swan Inn at Swan Junction - Geograph - 4003560.jpg
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