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From:  Pitsea (TQ737879)
To:  South Woodham Ferrers (TQ797978)
Distance:  9.2 miles (14.8 km)
Meets:  A13, A1321, A1235, A127, A129, A130, A1245, B1012
Former Number(s):  B1011, B1012
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A132 Pitsea - South Woodham Ferrers
This article is about the current use of A132 in Essex.
For the former A132 that ran across East Anglia, see A132 (Colchester - Huntingdon)


The A132 was cobbled together out of old 'B' roads (B1011 and B1012) and now includes typical 1960s new town dual carriageway and a newer build section leading to a 1980s development.

Pitsea - South Woodham Ferrers

The road starts on a grade-separated roundabout below the A13 (which is on a large flyover) in Pitsea, an older development now swallowed up by Basildon. Although below the A13, the A132 itself starts on an embankment which turns into a viaduct-elevated section of D2 road. This viaduct crosses a retail park and the B1464. with which it has no junction. The speed limit is 50mph and would have been changed from NSL in previous years. After coming to ground level, the road reaches an at-grade roundabout with the D2 A1321 and a local road. A further roundabout is passed with local roads. The road is reduced to a 40mph limit immediately before a further roundabout junction with the A1235 and a local road. This also has peak-time signals.

There is a further newer junction with Paycocke Road, which was opened as a roundabout but which now blocks access from that road to the A132 southbound. The A132 northbound traffic still has to give-way to traffic turning into Paycocke Road from the A132 from the opposite direction. After 2.4 miles from the start, the road reaches the Southend Arterial, A127. This junction is grade separated for the A127 and the A132's roundabout is below this.

A quarter of a mile later, the dual carriageway ends and this is one of the original B road sections. It is not long, however, before the road reaches another roundabout and the edge of the town of Wickford which has been expanding since the 1970s. Another D2 section is traversed and is again a newer route from the B1101 original. It's a 50mph limit along here and a clearway.

A129/A132 Roundabout

Near the Town Centre the road reaches another roundabout junction, this time with the A129. The road goes under the railway line to Southend Victoria before the A129 departs to the right. This is a LILO junction so can only be accessed from the southbound A132. Shortly afterwards there is a 30mph speed limit and a further roundabout with local roads and an opportunity to U-turn to access the A129. Here the A132 becomes single carriageway. Presently the environment becomes semi-rural and a 40mph limit applies.

The road is then diverted slightly again from its founding route to reach St. Lukes Roundabout. This roundabout would only have been built in the 2010s. This is for a junction with yet another housing development in this part of the world; around the grounds of the former Runwell Mental Hospital. A short while later the original route is joined again.

After 6.3 miles from the start, the road the road gets its first bit of NSL and immediately reaches a junction with the fairly recently built revised route of the dual carriageway A130. There is also a short D2 section for our road to cross the A130 but there are traffic signals to allow the A132 westbound access to the A130 northbound and for the off-ramp of the A130 northbound which goes round a 180 degree loop to reach the A132 facing south. There are no intersects for our road to the A130 south or from the A130 south to this road. These join/leave the A1245 nearby.

At the next roundabout there are five exits. The first is the old A130 northbound, now unclassified; the second is an old bit of the B1012, now unclassified; third is our road on a newer build section; fourth is the old A130 southbound, now A1245, and the fifth takes us back on the A132 west. Taking the A1245 south would get the traveller to a very close roundabout where the A130 South entrance and exits are.

Taking the third exit, the new road starts as D1 but quickly drops to single carriageway. On the reverse trip the user has a choice on the start of the dualled section to head to either of the earlier mentioned roundabouts, So fork left for the A130 or A1245 southbound and fork right for the A130 northbound or the continuance of this route.

The single carriageway route follows the railway line and very straight and a comfortable speed approaching the NSL would often be possible all the way to the end. It doesn't quite make it to South Woodham Ferrers and ends at a roundabout junction with the B1012 and two unclassified roads.


On classification in 1922 the A132 number was elsewhere. However, the number became free in 1935 and so it was reused in the 1950s.

The original 1950s A132 took over the road through Wickford, between the A127 and A130; this was formerly the B1011 to the south and B1012 to the north. Construction of the New Town of Basildon extended the A132 southwards along a new-build road to the A13; this did not take over any of the B1011 which ran parallel on its original line until at least the 1970s. Later still, a new road, thus extending the A132, was built east of the A130 as far as South Woodham Ferrers, bypassing the B1012 which was declassified.

Original Author(s): Ian

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