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From:  Hessle (TA018265)
To:  Great Driffield (TA012566)
Via:  Beverley
Distance:  21.6 miles (34.8 km)
Meets:  A15, A1105, B1231, B1232, B1233, A1079, A1174, B1230, A1035, A614
Former Number(s):  A163
Old route now:  A1105, B1231, B1232, B1230
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

East Riding of Yorkshire

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A164 Hessle - Beverley
A164 Beverley - Grovehill
(A1174) Grovehill - Molescroft
(A1035) Molescroft
A164 Molescroft - Great Driffield
A164 Hull - Willerby

The A164 is a cross-country A-road in the East Riding of Yorkshire.


Hessle - Great Driffield

The route of this road changed considerably when Clive Sullivan Way and the Humber Bridge link road opened in the 1980s. The original route, from the centre of Hull and then on through Anlaby, is now the B1231, (which is why it is dual carriageway), and then it went through Kirk Ella and Willerby along an unclassified road that is now bypassed by the B1232. The road now starts at a roundabout north of the Humber Bridge, where the A15 TOTSOs to reach the A63, although the road between here and the A63 is variously described as A15 or A164. This section was built in 1991, up until it meets the Willerby bypass, opened in 1972.

The A164 heads north, bypassing Hull. This road is built to quite a high standard - few junctions and mostly clearway - after being upgraded in the 1980's. There is even a short section of dual carriageway.

looking south along the A164

After a GSJ where the road crosses the A1079 (which is D2 only for the junction), the A164 used to pass through the centre of Beverley, losing its Primary status in doing so, but after Minster Way (the Southern Bypass) opened in early 2015, the A164 heads east to meet the A1174. The A164 has a useless multiplex with the A1174, then a multiplex with the A1035. When the A164 still ran through Beverley, it ran along Victoria Road and Queensgate. Then it ran along the current B1230 into the town centre. From there it left to the north of the town, passing through Molescroft and meeting the B1248, later the A1035 Beverley northern bypass at Molescroft Roundabout, where it turned onto Driffield Road.

We turn off at Driffield Road Roundabout where the road continues north across flat land. It goes through villages like Leconfield and Hutton Cranswick and presently reaches a roundabout on the southern edge of Driffield. The road originally continued into town to end on the A166 but now bears left onto the original eastern end of the A163 to end at a roundabout on the 1983-built Driffield bypass, which was originally the A163 but was renumbered A614 in 1995.

Original Author(s): Neil Turner


In 2017 East Riding Council proposed dualling of the A164 south of the A1079 junction at Jock's Lodge.

Opening Dates

Year Section Notes
1926 Leconfield Diversion The 0.6 mile road cut off a corner just to the north of the village with the old road becoming "Old Road". Tree planting took place in July 1926, although it may have been opened earlier, in 1925. There was also a small straightening scheme at Scorborough.
1972 Willerby Bypass The bypass of Main Street was due to open on 28 January 1972 per the Hull Daily Mail of 21 January 1972. Single carriageway from the then De la Pole Hospital (later Willerby Hill Business Park) via Grange Park Lane to Great Gutter Lane then along the new Beverley Road to Willerby Square. Cost £224,000. Later renumbered B1232 on the Great Gutter Lane to Willerby Square section with Grange Park Lane becoming unclassified.
1986 Beverley: Queensgate Diversion The 0.35 mile road from the Post Office in the north, via the Woodmansey Mile roundabout, to rejoin the original Victoria Road by the Cemetery was opened on 1 June 1986 per the Land Compensation Act notice (with one lane initially). The official opening was on 11 June 1986 by Donald Duke, Chairman of Humberside County Council. Cost £428,000. It was the first stage of the Figham Link. Later became unclassified.
1990 Skidby Bypass The 2 mile road from Castle Hill to Bentley was opened on 16 March 1990 by David Spooner, Chairman of Humberside County Council. Parts had opened earlier. Cost £4 million.
2015 Beverley Southern Relief Road The 1.7 mile Minster Way from Victoria Road to Hull Road was opened on 12 March 2015 by Robert Goodwill, Transport Minister. Contractor was Birse Civils. Part of the £22 million Beverley Integrated Transport Plan.


East Riding Council

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