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From:  Clifton (SD466298)
To:  Cleveleys (SD315421)
Via:  Blackpool
Distance:  19 miles (30.6 km)
Meets:  A583, A5230, A5073, A5099, A586, A587
Former Number(s):  B5262
Old route now:  A5230, B5262, A5073, A5099
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

Blackpool • Lancashire

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A584 Clifton - Cleveleys


The A584 is not usually a major road, except in peak summer seasons and when the famous Blackpool Illuminations are on. There are many marked contrasts between sections on this relatively short route along the Fylde coast.

Clifton - Cleveleys

The A584 starts at a signalised T-junction with the A583 west of Preston and is immediately a huge dual carriageway which gives the impression of being a pre-war arterial, but do not be fooled! It was dualled much later, in the late 1960s; before then it was a suicide lane all the way to Freckleton. Until recently the road had a 70 mph speed limit as far as the eastern edge of Freckleton, but is now 50 mph from the start of the road until the western end of the 1990s Freckleton Bypass. It's almost entirely built up from here on, and can be a slog in peak seasons.

Continuing through Warton at the western end of the Freckleton Bypass, the A584 passes the large BAE aerodrome site surrounded by the village and continues as an urban road with a 30 mph speed limit for quite some distance. Before too long though, a 50 mph speed limit begins and there is a short semi-rural section across to Lytham where it's back to 30 mph.

The road through Lytham is surprisingly wide, although never marked as anything but two lanes, and has numerous efforts at traffic calming and central hatchings placed throughout its length. It is on this section that there is still a picturesque windmill overlooking the mouth of the Ribble, along with fine views of the water. The road does, however, move inland after a while, with a local road forming the rest of the promenade of Lytham St Anne's. Despite this, the wide Victorian-era road continues without too many interruptions (barring a few signalised junctions and mini-roundabouts). After what does feel for quite some distance, the speed limit suddenly rises to 40 mph, U-turns are prohibited, and signs warn drivers of sand drifts. This has to be one of the more unusual sections of road in the UK, where sand dunes are slowly creeping inland to cover up the roadway! On the right was a Pontin's Holiday Camp, just prior to a return to 30 mph limit at Starr Gate, where the A5230 link to the M55 joins the fun.

Blackpool Golden Mile
Historic Layout
Eventually central Blackpool appears, under the shadow of the famous Blackpool Tower, but not before passing the Pleasure Beach. It's impossible to miss the Pepsi Max Big One here, which has featured in several music videos and was one of the world's biggest rollercoasters when it opened. There is a short dual carriageway at the foot of the tower, along the ultra-tacky Golden Mile. Before too long, the dual carriageway ends and the tramway decides to run on-street past the Metropole Hotel. After this short section, the A584 is shunted to the right (although some drivers always manage to end up on the tramway), and progresses to Gynn Square, which during Illuminations time is lit up with a giant carousel.

Once through here, there is a tramway to the left, which is the only original tramway left in the UK, and well worth a visit. The road, however, stays to the right of the tramway and forms the start of the Illuminations route up the Blackpool Promenade. For many years, this bit of road has attracted nighttime boy racers and is unfortunately now a battery of speed cameras. Passengers can always glance to the left and see Blackpool's brand new sea defences beyond the tramway.

The Promenade has in the early 2010s been subject to a massive reconstruction. Much of the road past the Tower is now a 20 mph shared space, the dual carriageway having been ripped out. The biggest surprise to drivers will be the loss of the famous tram pinch outside the Metropole. This now runs alongside to give new trams priority throughout.

Moving past this junction, the Promenade continues along with the tramway passing various hotels and other establishments ultimately reaching Bispham where the Illuminations end, and traffic is routed back to the M55 via back roads. The A584 itself continues beyond Bispham, however, and makes its way out towards Thornton Cleveleys. This is almost the end of the route, as the Promenade gives way to more residential settings, and moves inland once again. At the junction with the A587, the road suddenly stops - but the tramway continues as the central reservation of that road as it continues up to Fleetwood.


The A584 originally commenced at Freckleton

In 1922 the A584 started unexpectedly at grid reference SD435290 in the village of Freckleton. It then followed its current route west to Squires Gate from where it zigzagged through the south of Blackpool, to end on the A587 adjacent to the North Pier.

The road it followed in Freckleton is now known as Preston Old Road, giving a clue that this was the former main road to Preston. The connection between Preston Old Road and the A583 at Clifton was an unclassified toll road across Freckleton, Newton and Clifton Marshes. It was, however, the favoured route to Blackpool since the alternative route through Kirkham had yet to be upgraded.

The new Marsh Road

In the 1920s Lancashire County Council planned to upgrade the whole route from Preston to Blackpool, with a width of 60 feet between road boundaries. The land for the widening and the section of new road, and the tolls, had been acquired from the owners for £2,250 and the tolls abolished on 1 January 1924.

The existing road from the A583 junction to just east of the present Clifton Business Park (the first toll) had been widened and opened in the Spring of 1926. The new road to the north of the old toll road between just east of the present Clifton Business Park and The Green, Freckleton was opened at the weekend of 12 / 13 February 1927. Total budgeted cost for the scheme was £84,705.

The section of the former toll road between Preston Old Road and Halfpenny Hall Bridge has disappeared on the map but can be traced on the satellite image, The section then eastwards towards Clifton is still shown as a track.

Blackpool changes

In the late 1920s, the A584 was rerouted along the sea front and extended to its current northern terminus on the A587 at Cleveleys and eastern terminus on the A583 at Clifton.


Golden Mile

Blackpool Tramway

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