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From:  Kirkham (SD423320)
To:  Lytham (SD369271)
Distance:  6 miles (9.7 km)
Meets:  B5192, A583, A585, B5260, A584
Former Number(s):  A583
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B5259 Kirkham - Lytham


The B5259 is a largely rural B-road on the Fylde.

The B5259 starts at the centre of Kirkham at a traffic-signal-controlled crossroads, where it meets the B5192. Heading west out of town, the residences lose their hold to a church and churchyard covering both sides of the road and Kirkham Grammar School. A short trip takes the road to the primary A583 Kirkham southern bypass, which has a short dualled section here. Turning right at a traffic signal the road becomes the junior partner in a multiplex up to the end of the bypass at a roundabout, the right turn of which is the fellow primary A585 western bypass. Our road turns left off the multiplex towards Wrea Green.

Passing the entrance to Ribby Hall Village, which is an old stately home turned into a hotel and leisure park/village, the road arrives at Wrea Green. A couple of mini roundabouts have to be negotiated, the second of which is a junction with the B5260. There is also a solitary road hump. However, the village has a rather pleasant feel. The road passes along the unfenced two sides of the village green/cricket pitch/pond with a view also over to the church with a spire. There is a return to the NSL thereafter as the road winds past trees and fields.

Wrea Green junction with the B5260

Moss Side is next and that is guarded by a 40 mph limit. At a level crossing is the small village station, on the single-track branch line to Blackpool South. After a bend the NSL is restored and the road passes flat, low-lying fields and then a caravan park at Eastham Hall. We now go into Saltcotes and gain a 30 mph limit to follow the road until the end. After forking right at a mini roundabout, the road passes into Lytham. At the next mini roundabout it turns left and it's over the railway again on a bridge, past a pedestrian crossing and to journey's end at a mini roundabout in front of Lytham Windmill, with a view of the Ribble Estuary dead ahead. The left and right turns are the A584.


The first part of the road is a renumbered A583. Kirkham got its southern bypass pre-war and the route was re-numbered then. For many years the road started at a junction with the A585 in Kirkham but much later the town got a western bypass and the B5192 is that route re-numbered. The rest of the B5259 is unchanged.

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St Nicholas' Church and The Grapes, Wrea Green - Geograph - 1854255.jpg
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