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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Rainhill Stoops (SJ505899)
To:  Southport (SD335172)
Via:  St Helens, Ormskirk
Distance:  22.4 miles (36 km)
Meets:  M62, A557, A57, B5204, A569, A58, A571, B5201, A580, B5203, M58, B5240, B5312, A506, A577, A59, A5147, B5242, B5243, B5276, A5267, A565
Old route now:  A569
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

Lancashire • Sefton • St Helens

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A570 Rainhill Stoops – St Helens
A570 Bold Heath - St Helens
(A58) St Helens
A570 St Helens – Southport


The A570 is a cross-country A-road in southwest Lancashire.

Section 1: Rainhill Stoops – St Helens

St Helens Linkway

Originally the A570 started on the A57 at Bold Heath, before heading north via Marshall's Cross along what is now the A569 and then into the centre of St Helens. This section has been bypassed and it now starts at Junction 7 of the M62 at Rainhill Stoops, heading northwards from there for some four miles along the St Helens Linkway, which is D2 throughout, although liberally scattered with roundabouts.

From the M62, the A570 heads north through empty countryside, between Rainhill and Clock Face. After a couple of miles, there is a roundabout with Eurolink, an unclassified access road to an industrial estate. It is here where the A570 heads north eastwards, then curves back round to head north as it passes over a railway line, and an unclassified road. On your right is the major distribution depot for Somerfield in the North West. It is here where the roundabout for the B5204 is reached. This roundabout can become quite congested at times.

The A570 still continues to head North, with the glassworks at Ravenhead now in view, as the road curves to the north-east again, and heads underneath a bridge built over the A570, for access to Sherdley Hall Farm. Soon after the bridge, there is an access road on the left for the rear entrance to Ravenhead Glassworks, a travellers' camp and the Saint Helens suburb of Sutton Heath.

Soon after the access road, the A570 comes to a roundabout with the A569, and a local road to Ravenhead Retail Park. The A570 continues past the roundabout, with Ravenhead Retail Park on the left. Another roundabout is reached, with the A58 and Milverny Way, an access road to the Pilkington's Glass factory, and the retail park. There is then a multiplex along the A58 Ringway West.

Section 2: St Helens – Rainford

Northbound A570

The A570/A58 multiplex comes to a signal-controlled crossroads with two unclassified roads, one of which is used as an access to St Helens Town Centre and a local supermarket. Rather ironically, there is a Multiplex Cineworld cinema at this junction.

Soon after this, the A570 comes to a roundabout with the A58, and the start of the A571. The A571 is to the right, and the A58 goes off to the left. The A570 regains its number and continues ahead, now S2 for the first time. Things start getting a bit complicated here, since if you head east along the A571 until it reaches the roundabout outside the St Helens branch of the YMCA, the first exit is also the A570, a narrow S2 shopping street with mostly furniture stores. This is the original A570 out of the town centre.

Traffic heading north along the western A570 reaches traffic lights where it continues ahead onto a one-way street ominously signposted (A570). This passes Queens Park to reach a T-junction where traffic has to turn left onto another one-way street. Turn right at the traffic lights to meet the eastern A570 at another set of lights, then turn left to continue along the mainline; this soon splits into parallel one-way streets and we soon meet traffic that continued ahead at the first set of lights. Southbound traffic is constrained by the one-way system and has to TOTSO right then left.

The two carriageways merge once more in the Denton's Green area of town. The next area of note you pass is the St Helens Crematorium and cemetery, shortly after which there is a T-junction with the B5201 approaching from the left. After the B5201 there is the crossroads with the A580, Windle Island. It is frequently congested.

Straight ahead again, the road becomes a D2 and you reach another T-junction almost immediately, with the B5201 heading off to the right. The Rainford Bypass starts soon afterwards, although the original line of the A570 here is just to the left.

Section 3: Rainford – Ormskirk

North of Rainford

The next junction with a numbered road is a roundabout with the B5203, a main route into Rainford for northbound traffic, and a cut-through to the A580 for southbound traffic. The road then continues straight ahead and begins to get a little more twisty past Rainford. This part of the bypass is also used by farm traffic, so the farm traffic signs are quite prominent. There is then a T-Junction with the B5203 (again). The A570 continues as the Rainford Bypass under a railway bridge, shortly after which it meets a roundabout junction by the small village of Park Hill, where the road becomes Rainford Road; however, it is still up to D2 standard. Around two miles afterwards Junction 3 of the M58 approaches, which is a roundabout interchange with the motorway passing above.

The A570 continues as a D2 for a short distance afterwards, where the road meets a roundabout with the B5312 and B5240; this is where the A570 branches off the the left and becomes S2 again. Along this section there is the village of Stanley Gate, where there is a signal-controlled crossroads with the A506 and a local, unclassified road. Carry on straight ahead and you come to the small village of Scarth Hill, then the prominent Water Tower, and then a campus of Edge Hill University, which even has its own set of traffic signals.

Shortly after the campus, the A570 becomes more residential as you pass the "Welcome to Ormskirk" signs. The A570 follows a narrow one-way system around Ormskirk town centre, meeting the A577 and going over the railway line in the process.

Section 4: Ormskirk – Southport

The outskirts of Southport

On the other side of the town centre there is a signal-controlled junction with the A59, originally built as the Ormskirk bypass although it is now rather urban. The A570 continues straight ahead, and becomes more rural again.

The A570 then goes over the Leeds–Liverpool Canal, and meets the A5147 on a sweeping bend. The next numbered roads met are the B5242 and B5243, when the road passes through Scarisbrick. There are then several sharp corners past Carr Cross, then the road passes through Brown Edge, shortly after which it enters Southport. There are two roundabouts which welcome the A570, one with a retail park entrance and the other with the B5276, at which the road branches off to the left, and becomes a straight, relatively wide residential road. There is then a signal-controlled crossroads with the A5267, then a roundabout with three unclassified roads. The A570 then passes over the Liverpool to Southport railway line, and the road becomes a shopping street. The A570 ends on the A565 Lord Street at a signal-controlled T Junction.


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