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Bullington Cross

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Bullington Cross
Location Map ( geo)
A34 northbound nears the A303 overbridge - Geograph - 4238123.jpg
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Highway Authority
Highways England
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Roads Joined
A30, A34, A303
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Route To Notes


Basingstoke Now A303


The Midlands, Newbury


Winchester, Southampton (M3, M27)


Andover, Exeter, Salisbury (A343)


Basingstoke (M3)


Stockbridge, Sutton Scotney, Bullington, South Wonston Former A34


Two roundabouts, eight single-lane sliproads, one dual-lane sliproad and one S2 link road form this junction. It was built around the Bullington Cross Inn, which sat in the north-east quadrant of the junction, but this closed in 2008. It utilises part of the original alignment of the A34 through the junction.

The junction survives in its unexciting state because very few turning movements take place here, being provided by other roads such as the M3. South<>West is the only particularly dominant move, but the other slips provide a vital alternative route if another road is closed. The junction is part of the 'yellow square' diversion route.

The sliproads here are very sub-standard, being restricted by steep gradients and a lack of room, and it's not uncommon to see vehicles run out of room and be forced in to the verge.

On the A303 westbound approaching the junction, there is a sign by the Borough of Test Valley saying 'Welcome to Bullington Cross'.


Originally this would have been a crossroads involving the original alignment of the A303 and the A34. The latter arrived from the south along what is now the A30. When the roads began to be dualled, the junction became a roundabout, and it was upgraded to its current layout in the 1981.

The unconventional design for this junction was based on two factors: firstly, not much traffic was expected to be turning here, especially as at the time the A34 didn't meet the M3 or the M40, so it was a lot quieter than it is today. Secondly, engineers wanted to minimise the steepness of the climb on the A34 immediately north of here. Building an elaborate junction which satisfied the second criteria would have been expensive, and as a result of the first criteria such expense couldn't have been justified.

As a result, the initial option considered was a standard roundabout interchange. This was likely to have seen the A34 come to a stop at the roundabout while the A303 flew overhead. Thankfully this wasn't built, as it wouldn't have coped with today's traffic levels, and instead a bespoke solution was developed.

Engineers referred to the new junction as Bullington Interchange, but that wasn't used on signs and locals continued to call it Bullington Cross.

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Bullington Cross
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