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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Chollerford (NY906703)
To:  Haydon Bridge bypass (W) (NY830641)
Via:  Fourstones
Distance:  7.1 miles (11.4 km)
Meets:  B6318, A686, A69
Former Number(s):  A69
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Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B6319 Chollerford – Haydon Bridge bypass
Haydon Bridge

The B6319 is a fairly short road in south Northumberland.

The route starts on the much longer B6318 to the west of Chollerford, in the vicinity of Chesters Roman Fort on the line of Hadrian's Wall, from where it heads south, skirting the Walwick Hall estate before bearing to the right to avoid meeting the River North Tyne.

The road continues vaguely westwards, crossing the flattish land to the north of Warden Hill. Eventually it descends into the village of Fourstones, in the South Tyne Valley, where it reaches a T-junction in the village centre and turns right, passing the church which is wooden and painted green and so looks rather quaint.

Before finally leaving the village the road TOTSOs left and moves to run alongside the Tyne Valley railway line, with the River South Tyne on the far side, although neither is really visible. Road, rail, and river diverge for over half a mile before running alongside each other again (this time the railway line is visible from the road) into Haydon Bridge. The road passes the station and reaches a T-junction, where we turn left by the station signalbox to go over a level crossing. Continuing south along Church Street we reach another T-junction, where we must turn right. The ancient bridge over the South Tyne (now closed to traffic) is straight ahead.

Before construction of the A69 Haydon Bridge bypass in the late 2000s the B6319 ended here. Now, however, it has been extended westward along the old A69, Ratcliffe Road, to meet the bypass. The road to the left (which also crosses the river) is an extension of the A686 from the eastern end of the bypass – making it one of the small number of A-roads that end on a B-road.

After crossing a bridge over the railway line the B6319 ends at a T-junction at the western end of the A69 bypass.

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