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From:  Spalding (TF241225)
To:  Surfleet (TF248294)
Distance:  4.6 miles (7.4 km)
Meets:  A151, B1180, A152
Former Number(s):  A16
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Route outline (key)
B1356 Spalding - Surfleet

The B1356 runs north of Spalding. The number did not exist on classification in 1922; however, an unclassified road in Spalding itself was given the B1356 number in the mid-1920s and the road remained under half a mile long for many years before being extended north along the old line of the A16 when that road was moved onto the Spalding bypass in the 2000s.

The road starts on the A151 just west of a level crossing and heads northeast along Park Road, parallel to the railway line. Whilst it may look like the road was built parallel to the railway line it's a coincidence, the railway being the newer of the two. It's not long before the road bears right to cross its own level crossing and reaches a T-junction soon afterwards. This was the original northern end of the B1356 where it met the A16 but now the road continues. There's a short spur to the right back to the A151 and Spalding town centre.

The mainline of the B1356 TOTSOs heads across a 4 way traffic light controlled junction left and crosses a bridge over Vernatt's Drain, this marking the edge of Spalding. There's now a large 5 armed roundabout replacing the former 3-way T-junction with Enterprise Way built to serve 2 new housing estates, one of which will be accessed by an as yet to be built bridge over the railway line. Leaving the roundabout heading north the road now sits on a new alignment slightly to the west for a short distance, removing a previous bend. Next up is another T-junction, this time with the B1180 which joins us from the right at a set of traffic lights that feature a private aspect for the houses within the junction. The road then meanders through the village, turning right at a 3-way mini roundabout by the church in Pinchbeck village. Shortly afterwards the B1180 leaves us to the left at another T-junction. A straighter stretch of road follows with the run through to the next Village of Surfleet.

In the centre of Surfleet the road crosses the River Glen at an apparently overengineered bridge. There's then the longest rural section on the road so far before the B1356 ends at a roundabout on the A152, which briefly continues north along the ex-A16.

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