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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Langstone (SU716059)
To:  Causeway, Horndean (SU698124)
Distance:  6.5 miles (10.5 km)
Meets:  A3023, A27, B2177, B2150, B2148, A3(M), A3
Former Number(s):  B2148
Old route now:  A3023
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B2149 West Town – Langstone
B2149 Langstone – Horndean
B2149 branch : Blendworth Lane – Hazelton Farm
B2149 branch : College roundabout, Havant – Bedhampton


Havant bypass

The B2149 is a largely urban B-road running parallel to the A3(M).

It starts at a roundabout beneath the A27 Havant bypass, which also serves as the start of the A3023 onto Hayling Island to the south; the A3023 used to be part of the B2149 but was later upgraded. The B2149 now serves as the main route into Havant, which is upon you straight away, and as such the road is dualled but with frequent traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. Once past the pedestrianised town centre, the road becomes single-carriageway for a short while as it jumps over the railway line and down to a roundabout opposite Havant College. The road to the west of this roundabout heads through Bedhampton and terminates at a signal controlled 3-way junction with the B2177 and B2150, but it is a source of some confusion. As far as I am aware, the road is designated as a spur of the B2149, but some signs call it the B2150 (which would make sense) while others give it no number at all.

Anyway, to the north of Havant College the road is briefly dualled again, although still with a 40 limit and regular traffic lights, as it passes through the Leigh Park district, a mass collection of 1950s and 1960s housing created by Portsmouth City Council as housing for those made homeless by the Second World War. Once clear of Leigh Park, it begins to feel like a B-road should - distinctly rural. There is a mini-roundabout with the B2148 just to the south of Rowland's Castle, where the road heads north-west towards Horndean, along what used to be the B2148. On the edge of Horndean a roundabout splits the road in two again, with half heading west over J2 of the A3(M) and terminating on the A3 in Horndean, and the remainder heading north past a rather large garden centre to meet the A3 further north, opposite the George Gale and Co. Brewery.


The Havant Spur, New Road, opened on 10 March 1938. Forecast cost was £100,000. It was the first part of a scheme to bypass Havant to the north and there was a public enquiry in December 1938. The extension was never built.

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