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Location Map ( geo)
B788 improved junction at B7054
The modified junction at the east end of the road at the B788 Baker Street/Ingleston Street
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From:  Inverkip Road (NS261755)
To:  Ingleston Street (NS282755)
Via:  Drumfrochar
Distance:  1.5 miles (2.4 km)
Meets:  A78, B788
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Route outline (key)
B7054 Link in Greenock
This article is about the current B7054 to the south of Greenock.
For the former B7054 in central Greenock, see B7054 (Greenock Centre)

The B7054 is a short road skirting the southern edge of Greenock. It was unclassified for many years but had gained its number by 1986.

The road starts at a roundabout on the A78 near the prison, where it is signed merely as "Local", and heads east along the residential Dunlop Street. The prison, to the left, is invisible but we pass the modern Notre Dame High School on the right then cross traffic lights just north of Drumfrochar station.

Now part of Greenock's grid system of roads, the B7054 climbs steeply up Cornhaddock Street before descending Drumfrochar Road to pass into industrial dereliction. The sharp left-hand bend at the junction with Baker Street was removed in 2019, meaning we can now safely continue on towards the Firth of Clyde ahead. However, the road ends at the next junction, where the B788 comes in from the right at traffic lights and takes on the road ahead.


Inverkip Road to Cornhaddock Street

The B7054, Dunlop Street is in the foreground

The route begins at a roundabout on the A78 at Barrs Cottage in the south west suburbs of Greenock. Heading briefly south east, before curving towards the east. This part of the route is mostly residential, the housing being council built in the mid 20th Century. Notre Dame High School dominates much of the south side of the road. Traffic calming islands are present in the centre of the road at the school crossing points.

After the school, the signalised junction with Peat Road, Cornhaddock Street and Murdieston Street is reached on a fairly steep hill.

Cornhaddock Street

Cornhaddock Street, with warning lights for St Patrick's Primary School

Similar to Dunlop Street, Cornhaddock Street is mainly residential, with mid 20th Century council built houses on one side and a school on the other. In this case the school is St Patrick's and it stands on the north side of the road between Dunn Street and Broomhill Street, at which point the route joins Drumfrochar Road.

Drumfrochar Road

Post industrial dereliction at the east end of Drumfrochar Road

Much of the residential part of Drumfrochar Road lies within the Broomhill area of Greenock which has recently undergone a major regeneration project which has resulted in the clearance of many houses on both sides of this stretch of the road.

Further east, the scene is one of industrial dereliction, where brownfield sites stand open or concealed behind the remaining walls of the long demolished tate & Lyle sugar refinery complex.

At the extreme east end of Drumfrochar Road, the 90 degrees bend at the junction with Baker Street was removed by the 2018-19 road improvement works, which were part of a scheme to establish a "food and drink incubator" there.

From here, it is s short distance to the end of the road at the signalised B788 junction which was also improved during the 2018-19 scheme.

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