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From:  Broadford (An t-Ath Leathann) (NG642235)
To:  Elgol (Ealaghol) (NG518135)
Distance:  14 miles (22.5 km)
Meets:  A87, unclassified
Former Number(s):  A881
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Route outline (key)
B8083 Broadford - Elgol


The B8083 serves the Strathaird Peninsula on the Isle of Skye. The road was originally unclassified but quickly became the A881. It was reclassified to a B-road prior to the opening of the Skye Bridge, at some point between 1988 and 1993.


Starting in Broadford, just to the west of the Co-op Supermarket and 24 hour garage, the B8083 heads south at first, passing a few houses before climbing up past forestry to a low summit. It then dips down into Strath Suardal and before long the ruins of Cill Chriosd come into view on the right, the former parish church for Broadford, now a picturesque ruin. A little beyond the church lies Loch Cill Chriosd, the road skirting along the shore. The road soon turns west to cross the low watershed, and enters the scattered settlement of Kilbride. There are views of the Red Cuillin at first, with views to Blabheinn and the Black Cuillin opening up as you reach the village of Torrin. Here the road temporarily turns northwest, winding through the village before dropping down to the shore of Loch Slapin.

The road winds along the shore of Loch Slapin, quickly finding the rocky beaches at the head of the loch. It takes the long way around this sea loch, where a causeway would never be economically viable, to cross the bridge over the Abhainn an t-Sratha Mhòir at the head of the loch. From here, paths head north through the shallow passes to Strollamus and Luib on the north coast of this part of Skye. Once across the bridge, the road turns southwards once more, doubling back down the west shore of the Loch. A mile or so further on, a car park on the right is the start point for the climb up Blaven, and a stunning view of the Cuillin Ridge. After another mile, the B8083 starts to climb above forestry, turning inland a little to reach a summit of around 90m.

The road then drops down into Kirkibost, with a left turn leading down to Kilmarie next to the bridge. Climbing the hill again, the road passes another parking area, from which a popular track leads over to Camasunary, on the shores of Loch Scavaig. From there a very rough path skirts the coast to Loch Coruisk, encircled by the spectacular Cuillin ridge. Of course, for the less adventurous, the village of Elgol also offers stunning views into the heart of the Cuillin mountains and across to the Isle of Soay.

Returning to the road, it climbs again, reaching a summit of 134m before crossing the tip of the Strathaird peninsula into the little port of Elgol at the end. The village is strung along the roadside for over a mile as it rises and falls, before plunging steeply down to the harbour. The road apparently passes through a car park to end at a triangular junction, whilst the final road down to the harbour is normally marked as unclassified, as are the other roads which link to the remote farmsteads and settlements nearby. However, the precise end point of the B8083 is not entirely clear, and has been marked differently over the years (including when it was the A881).

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