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From:  Mottram in Longdendale (SJ995957)
To:  Stalybridge (SJ962987)
Distance:  2.9 miles (4.7 km)
Meets:  A57, B6174, B6175, B6176, A635
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A6018 Mottram in Longdendale – Stalybridge


The A6018 is a primary route for its entire length; it links the A57 at Mottram in Longdendale to the A635 at Stalybridge towards Ashton-under-Lyne. At its intersection with the A635, that road becomes a primary route all the way through Ashton and into Manchester city centre.

It acts as the main route through the town of Stalybridge, bypassing the town centre however. It is often used as an alternative route with the A635 for vehicles travelling into Manchester from parts of Tameside, Yorkshire and Derbyshire, providing an alternative to the A57 and M67 through Hyde, Denton, Gorton and Belle Vue.

Mottram Moor – Stalybridge

Mottram Cutting

The road starts on the eastern edge of Mottram in Longdendale where the S4 A57 splits into two S2 roads at traffic lights; one is the continuation of the A57 towards the M67, and the other is the A6018, both of which are primary routes. The road runs along Back Moor and soon reaches a mini-roundabout, with exits onto local roads and the B6174 towards the A57 and Hattersley; this road provides access to the A6018 when coming from the M67 roundabout. After this junction, the A6018 runs along an embankment and passes the Roe Cross Inn before passing through Mottram Cutting. This was constructed at the beginning of the 20th Century; beforehand, the main road followed the course of a now-local road, known as Old Road, which climbs the steep ascents of either side of the hill. After the cutting the road then starts the gradual descent into Stalybridge, passing through predominantly residential areas until it reaches the staggered junctions with the B6175 to Dukinfield and Mossley.


Approaching the A635

After the B6175 junction, the road bends to the left and crosses the Huddersfield Narrow Canal and the River Tame before going up a fairly steep hill, skirting round the edge of Stalybridge town centre; here there are numerous junctions to access the town centre and its facilities. At its northern terminus, the A6018 meets the A635 at the brow of the hill, and where the two roads meet the A635 then becomes S4 until it becomes D2 to bypass Ashton town centre. The junction layout is designed as if the A6018 - A635 is the main road and the other direction of the A635 is a TOTSO.

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Mottram Cutting - Geograph - 506713.jpgStamford Street, Stalybridge (C) Gerald England - Geograph - 1028361.jpg
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