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Banchory • Stonehaven
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Aberdeenshire • Angus
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Kincardineshire is a small traditional county on the east coast of Scotland. It is perhaps one of the least memorable of the northern counties, having had no council since 1975, and now mostly falling under the control of Aberdeenshire Council. It also doesn't take its name from the county town (Stonehaven), but instead from a place called Kincardine, which effectively ceased to exist in the middle ages.

Geography & Economy

The A92 enters the county from Angus

The county has a wide, fertile coastal strip which includes most of the towns and villages, lying scattered amongst the farmland. The northern county border follows the River Dee out of Aberdeen, meaning that a significant part of the city falls in Kincardineshire. The town of Banchory, which lies on the north bank of the river, is also in the county, and is one of its larger towns. The interior of the county is hillier and sparsely populated, with forestry and grouse moors covering many of the slopes.

Stonehaven has long been an important fishing port, but its proximity to Aberdeen has meant that in recent years it has been swept up in the North Sea oil boom. Banchory too is in the commuter belt, although it has a somewhat more genteel air, having originally gained favour by being on 'Royal Deeside', so loved by Queen Victoria. The fortunes of the county, with the recent problems in the oil industry, are now uncertain, but the older industries that have survived, farming and tourism should help maintain much of the prosperity.


Cairn o'Mount blocked by snow

Most of the road network lies along the coastal zone or Deeside, where a good network of B and unclassified roads exist, supporting the main A90, A92 and A93 routes. In the upland west of the county, there is essentially just the one road, the B974 Cairn o'Mount route which is an old military road crossing the hills from Fettercairn to Deeside.

Most non-trunk roads within the traditional county are maintained by Aberdeenshire Council, although the urban area south of Aberdeen falls under Aberdeen Council. The only trunk route in the county is the A90, and it is managed by Transport Scotland. Construction of the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route is now underway, and will see big changes to the road network between Stonehaven and Aberdeen. The A90 will be re-routed, but other changes are yet to be confirmed.

Route From To Length
A90 Edinburgh Fraserburgh 146 miles View
A92 Dunfermline Blackdog 111 miles View
A93 Aberdeen Perth 110 miles View
A93/History Perth Aberdeen 110 miles View
A937 Laurencekirk Montrose 9.9 miles View
A943 Banchory Bridge of Dee 16.6 miles View
A956 Cleanhill Bridge of Don 11.2 miles View
A957 Glasslaw Bridge Crathes 14.848 miles View
A980 Banchory Alford 20.6 miles View
Angus Coastal Tourist Route Dundee Stonehaven 58 miles View
B9077 Aberdeen Crathes 13.7 miles View
B9120 Fettercairn Lauriston, nr St Cyrus 9.4 miles View
B966 Brechin Fordoun 18.7 miles View
B967 Fordoun Inverbervie 5.995 miles View
B974 Marykirk Banchory 22.861 miles View
B976 Strachan Gairnshiel Lodge 35.801 miles View
B976 Banchory Alford 20.6 miles View
B977 Raemoir House Balmedie 27.7 miles View
B978 Stonehaven Banchory 13.9 miles View
B979 Stonehaven Belscamphie 34.0 miles View
B981 Maryculter Bridge Milltimber 0.8 miles View
B982 Marywell Aberdeen 4.3 miles View
C10K St Cyrus Balmakelly 5.1 miles View
C11K Boghall Haulkerton 2.5 miles View
C12K Bridge of Muchalls Netherley 2.9 miles View
C13K Portlethen Lairhillock 4.4 miles View
C14K Inverbervie Balhagarty 4.5 miles View
C15K Inverbervie Lauriston 8.6 miles View
C16K Brae Road Seaview Terrace 0.9 miles View
C17K Mains of Brotherton Johnshaven 2.2 miles View
C17M Potarch Bridge Cutties Wood 6.2 miles View
C18K Marykirk Lower North Water Bridge 2.8 miles View
C19K Drumlithie Auchenblae 4.5 miles View
C1KB High Street Dee Street 0.05 miles View
C1K Stonehaven Laurencekirk 10.7 miles View
C20K Bridge of Mondynes Parkneuk 2.5 miles View
C21K Meikle Fiddes Kinneff 7.2 miles View
C22K Catterline Barras 1.9 miles View
C23K Catterline Inverbervie 4.3 miles View
C24K Newtonhill Rothnick 3.7 miles View
C25K Muchalls Burnhead 4.2 miles View
C26K Stonehaven Barras 3.3 miles View
C27K Stonehaven Dunottar 1.3 miles View
C28K Crathes Kilduthie 3.6 miles View
C29K Blairdryne Strachan 5.4 miles View
C2KI King Street Inverbervie Beach 0.2 miles View
C2KL Blackiemuir Avenue Laurencekirk Station 0.2 miles View
C2KS Dunottar Avenue Stonehaven Harbour 0.2 miles View
C2K North Water Bridge Council Boundary 3.9 miles View
C30K Heathburn Portlethen 4.2 miles View
C31K Cutties Wood Glacks Hill 3.8 miles View
C32K South Deeside Road Durris 0.9 miles View
C33K Luthermuir School Inverury Wood 1.1 miles View
C34K Kincorth Causeyport 3.6 miles View
C35K Drumoak Durris 1.1 miles View
C36K Durris Bridge Bridge of Feugh 5.5 miles View
C3KS David Street Allardyce Street 0.2 miles View
C3K Fordoun 1.7 miles View
C4KS Slug Road Arduthie Road 0.1 miles View
C4K Banchory Milltown of Campfield 3.2 miles View
C5K Lochton Cove Bay 9.3 miles View
C6K North Water Bridge Fettercairn 3.8 miles View
C7K Johnstown Clattering Bridge 9 miles View
C8K Marywell Junction Council Boundary 0.8 miles View
C9K Balmanno Landends 4.4 miles View
Deeside Tourist Route Perth Aberdeen 107 miles View
E120 Perth Perth 303 miles View
1 Dover Norwick View
Coastal Trail St Cyrus Forres 166 miles View
T30 Perth Inverness View 


Primary Route
Non Primary Route
Former Motorway
Defunct Route
E Road
Future Motorway
Future Primary
Future Non Primary
Historical Route
Tourist Route
Roman Road
Unbuilt Motorway
Unbuilt Primary
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National Cycle Network
Cycle Route
Eurovelo Cycle Route

RoadsA90 • A92 • A93 • A93/History • A937 • A943 • A956 • A957 • A980 • Angus Coastal Tourist Route • B9077 • B9120 • B966 • B967 • B974 • B976 • B976 (Banchory - Alford) • B977 • B978 (Stonehaven - Banchory) • B979 • B981 (Peterculter) • B982 • C10K (Aberdeenshire) • C11K (Aberdeenshire) • C12K (Aberdeenshire) • C13K (Aberdeenshire) • C14K (Aberdeenshire) • C15K (Aberdeenshire) • C16K (Aberdeenshire) • C17K (Aberdeenshire) • C17M (Aberdeenshire) • C18K (Aberdeenshire) • C19K (Aberdeenshire) • C1KB (Aberdeenshire) • C1K (Aberdeenshire) • C20K (Aberdeenshire) • C21K (Aberdeenshire) • C22K (Aberdeenshire) • C23K (Aberdeenshire) • C24K (Aberdeenshire) • C25K (Aberdeenshire) • C26K (Aberdeenshire) • C27K (Aberdeenshire) • C28K (Aberdeenshire) • C29K (Aberdeenshire) • C2KI (Aberdeenshire) • C2KL (Aberdeenshire) • C2KS (Aberdeenshire) • C2K (Aberdeenshire) • C30K (Aberdeenshire) • C31K (Aberdeenshire) • C32K (Aberdeenshire) • C33K (Aberdeenshire) • C34K (Aberdeenshire) • C35K (Aberdeenshire) • C36K (Aberdeenshire) • C3KS (Aberdeenshire) • C3K (Aberdeenshire) • C4KS (Aberdeenshire) • C4K (Aberdeenshire) • C5K (Aberdeenshire) • C6K (Aberdeenshire) • C7K (Aberdeenshire) • C8K (Aberdeenshire) • C9K (Aberdeenshire) • Deeside Tourist Route • E120 (Old System) • NCN1 • North East Coastal Trail • T30 (Britain)
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