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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Howden (SE757286)
To:  Grovehill, Beverley (TA049389)
Via:  North Cave
Distance:  20.4 miles (32.8 km)
Meets:  A63, A614, M62, A1034, A1035, A1174
Former Number(s):  A63, A164, A1174, A1035
Highway Authorities

East Riding of Yorkshire

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B1230 Howden – Molescroft
B1230 Beverley – Grovehill
Level crossing on the then B1230 in Beverley. This section has since been declassified

The B1230 is a rural road in the East Riding of Yorkshire.


Howden to North Cave

The route starts at a T-Junction to the west of Howden at the A63. In reality, the A63 has been replaced by the M62 for about the next 10 miles eastward and the B1230 through Howden and to the east is in fact the original route of the A63, having been mostly downgraded in 1984, with the part through Howden itself being downgraded in the 2010s. The B1230 crosses the M62 before going through Gilberdyke and reaching the motorway again at junction 38, which marks the end of the M62 and the reappearance of the A63.

North Cave to Beverley

The B1230 continues northeast into North Cave, which marks its original 1922 western end, the A63 having gone south along Station Road before being rerouted onto its present route south of North Cave in the 1930s. About a mile later the A1034 is reached, which the B1230 crosses at a long staggered junction.

Our road climbs to within a few yards of a trig point before descending slowly through Walkington and then crossing the A1079 Beverley bypass without a junction. Originally the B1230 entered Beverley along Walkington Road, ending on the A164 in the centre of town. In the 1960s it was rerouted along its current route of Keldgate Road to reach the A164 and later still was extended past the Minster and over the level crossing onto the former A1079 to end on the A1174 in the Grovehill area of town. In 2015, the B1230 was rerouted yet again, this time up the former A164 and A1174 (The original western end of the A1035) to meet the A1035 and A1174 at Swinemoor Lane Roundabout. This means that both ends of the B1230 changed at around the same time.


The section between Howden and Junction 38 of the M62 was originally the A63 until the opening of the aforementioned motorway.

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