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B10 (Isle of Man)

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From:  Barregarrow (SC319880)
To:  Brandywell (SC389858)
Distance:  5.6 miles (9 km)
Meets:  A3, B22, A18
Highway Authorities

Isle of Man

Traditional Counties

Isle of Man

Route outline (key)
B10 Barregarrow - Brandywell
This article is about the current B10 on the Isle of Man.
For the original B10 on the Isle of Man, now A14, see B10 (Sandygate - Snaefell)

The B10 is one of the mountain roads on the Isle of Man and appears to reach the highest altitude on the island.

Junction for Little London

The route starts on the A3 at Barregarrow a mile or so south of Kirk Michael, and heads south at first, climbing steeply across the slopes of Sartfell. A right fork dips down to Little London and returns to the A3 while the B10 continues to climb as it curves round to the east. The gradient eases as it winds past a farm, and into the steep sided valley of a stream, with the road making a near hairpin bend across the bridge. While a patchwork of small fields continue across the steep slopes below the road, there is now open moorland above, and before long the route is climbing through moorland on both sides. A small plantation sits above the road as it meets the B22 at a sharp fork, just beyond which the route crosses the first of the Cattle Grids, next to a cottage, with a left turn winding a long way down hill to meet the A3 at Ballhaugh.

Now out on unfenced moorland, the B10 is still climbing as it winds eastwards, crossing the 400m contour and running along a gently sloping ridge. A sheep fank on the left provides one of the few parking areas on the route from where the views can be fully appreciated, just before another Cattle Grid. A sharper left hand bend below Beinn y Phott then takes the route around the hill, reaching a summit of 429m before it starts to dip. An endless series of slight right turns, with the A18 visible just across the valley eventually leads to a left turn that takes the road across the head of the valley to meet the A18 at Brandywell, just over half a mile south of Bungalow, and the start of the walk to Snaefell's Summit.

B10 (Isle of Man)
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