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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Llangefni (SH458757)
To:  Burwen (SH419932)
Via:  Amlwch
Distance:  14.3 miles (23 km)
Meets:  B5109, B5110, B5112, A5025, A5025
Former Number(s):  A5025
Old route now:  A5114
Highway Authorities

Isle of Anglesey

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B5111 Llangristiolus - Llangefni
B5111 Llangefni - Amlwch
(A5025) Amlwch
B5111 Amlwch - Burwen

The B5111 is a largely rural B-road on Anglesey.

Originally it started on the A5 at Llangristiolus and headed north to Llangefni. However, this section became the A5114 after World War II and so the B5111 now starts on the one-way system in the centre of the town.

The B5111 heads north and TOTSOs left on the edge of town, where the road ahead is the B5110. It passes Oriel Ynys Môn (an art gallery) before heading vaguely northwestwards through the flat, rural landscape that makes up most of Anglesey.

After going round the northern edge of the Cefni Reservoir (largely invisible from the road) the B5111 continues on and reaches Llanerchymedd after another few miles. There is a mini-roundabout in the centre of the village and the B5111 turns right here; the road ahead is the B5112. Our road continues north to Rhosybol. Originally the road turned left on the northern edge of the village to run through Penrhyd Lastra and on to Amlwch, where it entered town along Bethesda Street and ended in the same place as the B5108 at the northern end of Queen Street.

This route was soon changed, however, and the B5111 now climbs out of Rhosybol to skirt the Parys Mountain. It reaches a roundabout on the A5025 on the southern edge of Amlwch and multiplexes along this road into the centre of town. It then regains its number and heads west (the opposite direction to originally) along Bethesda Street. It then reaches an unusual junction where westbound traffic has to TOTSO but eastbound traffic doesn't before passing through Burwen. It ends on the far side of the settlement at a T-junction back on the A5025. This section of road was originally part of the B5113 and was then renumbered A5025. It gained its present number in the 1940s.

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Houses at Pen-lon on the B5111 - Geograph - 1279540.jpgLlanerchymedd - B5111 Approaching Junction For Bachau - Geograph - 1437521.jpg
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