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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Neston (SJ291775)
To:  Rock Ferry (SJ328871)
Distance:  8.5 miles (13.7 km)
Meets:  B5134, B5135, A540, B5151, B5137, B5149, A41, B5172, A41
Former Number(s):  A41
Old route now:  B5151, B5137
Highway Authorities

Cheshire West and Chester • Wirral

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B5136 Neston - Thornton Common
(B5151) Thornton Common - Clatterbridge
(B5137) Clatterbridge - Lower Bebington
B5136 Lower Bebington - Rock Ferry
B5136 (Spur) New Ferry - Port Sunlight
Liverpool Road, Neston

The B5136 crosses the Wirral Peninsula.

It starts on the B5134 in Neston (at The Cross according to signs; at the traffic lights further south according to maps) and heads north along the High Street. There is a one-way loop with northbound traffic heading straight whereas southbound traffic is diverted east via the station. The road then goes under the railway line before making a beeline for the A540 Chester High Road. This is crossed via a short multiplex between adjacent sets of traffic lights, although the old route (still clearly visible but now closed to through traffic) just required a staggered crossroads.

After passing Thornton Hall, now a hotel, the road enters Thornton Hough. This village was once owned by Lord Leverhulme who built the nearby Port Sunlight; his style is obvious. The road passes the prominent United Reformed Church before leaving the village and reaching a roundabout on the B5151.

The B5151 is the dominant partner in a multiplex past Clatterbridge Hospital as far as M53 junction 4, after which the B5136 multiplexes along the B5137. Interestingly, the B5136 was originally dominant and the other two numbers have taken over since the building of the motorway. Actually, the original line of the B5136 is along Old Clatterbridge Road, thus bypassing the motorway junction.

The B5136 reappears at traffic lights in Lower Bebington, where it turns left off the B5137. It continues north through the centre of the suburb before going under the Liverpool to Chester railway line and skirting the northern edge of Port Sunlight. The difference in architecture between the buildings on either side of the road is striking.

The road then turns sharply right (the road ahead, now pedestrianised, is the original B5136) and goes through a corner of Port Sunlight before reaching a T-junction in New Ferry. The road originally ended on this road (albeit slightly further north), which used to be the A41. Now, however, New Ferry and Rock Ferry have been bypassed, so the B5136 has taken over the pre-bypass route.

Turn right and the B5136 continues to skirt the edge of Port Sunlight before ending shortly at a roundabout on the A41. Turn left at the T-junction and the road continues much further. It meets the original eastern end of the B5136 in the centre of New Ferry before going through Rock Ferry, where it meets the B5172 at traffic lights. This branch also ends at a roundabout on the A41.

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