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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Lostock (SJ775957)
To:  Lymm Interchange (SJ662849)
Via:  Urmston, Carrington, Lymm
Distance:  11.6 miles (18.7 km)
Meets:  A5081, M60, B5214, B5213, A6144, A56, A50, M6
Former Number(s):  A575, B5213
Old route now:  A6144
Highway Authorities

Trafford • Warrington

Traditional Counties

Cheshire • Lancashire

Route outline (key)
B5158 Lostock - Carrington
(A6144) Carrington - Lymm
B5158 Lymm - Lymm Interchange


Flixton Bridge

The B5158 is a B-road in two parts, mostly in north Cheshire.

The road starts at M60 J9 near the Trafford Centre and heads west along the suburban Lostock Road before crossing the B5214 at a roundabout. A short distance further on the road reaches a T-junction on the unclassified Moorside Road. The B5158 TOTSOs right to go along a short section of dual carriageway before turning left at the next roundabout.

The road continues southwest through Urmston into Flixton. It goes round the edge of Flixton Park before crossing a railway line by Flixton station. The B5213 comes in from the left soon afterwards and then our road bends sharply left to cross the River Mersey and enter open country. It follows a dead-straight road across the flood plain before reaching a set of traffic lights on the A6144. This section was somewhat optimistically known as The Mile Road, although it is in fact only around a kilometre in length.

The B5158 then multiplexes west along the A6144 for over 6 miles to Lymm. It then turns south off the A56 to regain its number. Maps show that Cherry Lane and the parallel Elm Tree Road are both numbered B5158, although Cherry Lane is one-way southbound and requires a TOTSO when it reaches Elm Tree Road.

The road continues out of town before crossing the flat countryside of the area before ending at a dumbbell roundabout at M6 J20, where it also meets the A50.


Warburton in 1923, showing the B5158

As may be expected given that the B5158 has a long multiplex with an out-of-zone road, a sizeable proportion of the B5158 has been upgraded since original classification.

In 1922 the B5158 started on the A56 in Lymm and headed northeast via Partington and Carrington into Flixton, where it ended on the B5213 (which originally continued to Irlam). By 1932 the B5158 had been extended west to meet the A50 and then later in the 1930s the road was extended east to reach the B5214

With the construction of the M62 (now M60) the B5158 was extended further east to meet the new road. Its eastern section, Lostock Road, was originally numbered A575 but was downgraded long before.

Later still, the A6144 took over the section of B5158 between Carrington and Lymm, giving the road its current route with a hole.

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