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From:  Brampton (SE415014)
To:  Wragby (SE407171)
Distance:  11.3 miles (18.2 km)
Meets:  B6089, A633, A6195, B6411, A628, B6422, B6428, A638
Old route now:  A6195
Highway Authorities

Barnsley  • Rotherham  • Wakefield

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B6273 Brampton - Broomhill
(A6195) Broomhill - Middlecliffe
B6273 Middlecliffe - Wragby
This article is about the current route in southern Yorkshire.
For the original route in northern Yorkshire, renumbered B1263 in 1924, see B6273 (Scorton - Plantation House)

The B6723, looking south towards Great Houghton

The B6273 is a cross-country road north of Rotherham. The road was originally unclassified but is shown on the 1929-30 revision of the relevant OS Ministry of Transport Road Map.

Starting in Brampton at a mini-roundabout junction with the B6089, the road first runs north-east along Pontefract Road, which is subject to a 30 mph speed limit. After the first kilometre the B6273 is subsumed by the A633 and then (very shortly afterwards, at Broomhill Roundabout) by the A6195. That road is an upgrade of the old B6273 in this area, which followed the now-closed road to the west.

The B6273 re-emerges 2.5 km further on, where the the A6195 TOTSOs left at a roundabout immediately south of Middlecliffe. Another 30 mph limit follows, accompanied by traffic-calming measures where Rotherham Road passes through the village. There is a brief (770 m) stretch of NSL as the route traverses flattish country between here and Great Houghton, a long village where the 30 mph limit is again accompanied by speed bumps, etc.

The route then climbs up Moor Lane, which runs through wooded heathland as it reaches the moor summit, then an unfenced stretch through open farmland at Brierley Common and the border between the Barnsley and Wakefield Metropolitan Districts. The Hemsworth sign is passed and shortly afterwards we reach the South Moor Roundabout, where the A628 Hemsworth bypass is crossed. Following Southmoor Road into the town, the route becomes Market Street at the junction where our road joins the B6422 coming in from the right. The exit from Hemsworth is via Cross Hill and Wakefield Road.

Hemsworth Water Park is passed on the right as the B6273 descends to enter Kinsley and the conjoined Fitzwilliam, crossing the Wakefield to Doncaster and Swinton railway line and then the B6428 at traffic lights on the far side of the latter village. Garmil Head Lane carries the route onward for a further 1.5 km to its terminus on the A638 some 500 m west of Wragby, opposite the gates of Nostell Priory.

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