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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Eggleston(SE) (NZ012228)
To:  South Burdon (NZ326152)
Distance:  21.9 miles (35.2 km)
Meets:  B6278, A688, B6275, B6280, A68, A167, A66
Former Number(s):  A66
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

Darlington  • Durham

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B6279 Eggleston - Staindrop
(A688) Staindrop
B6279 Staindrop - Cockerton
(A68) Cockerton - Darlington
(A167) Darlington
B6279 Darlington - South Burdon
B6279 Darlington - Haughton le Skerne

Many of the B627x roads are quite long B-roads. The B6279 is nowhere near the length of the longest of these but it's still pretty long, running mostly west of Darlington.



The road starts on the B6278 to the east of Eggleston and heads east along the high land to the north of the River Tees. It passes no places of any size before reaching Staindrop and a T-junction on the A688. There is then a multiplex east through the village (meeting the B6274 en route) before the B6279 turns right on the far side of the bridge over the Langley Beck.

The road continues east through Ingleton and the village of Summerhouse to cross the B6275 Dere Street at a staggered crossroads. A couple of miles further on it goes under the A1(M) to enter Darlington. In the suburb of Cockerton it meets the B6280 at a mini-roundabout before reaching the A68 at the next.

Originally the B6279 ended here. However, in more recent years the construction of the A66 bypass has extended the B6279 through town and onto the pre-bypass line of that road. There is therefore a multiplex into the town centre along the A68 then along the A167 relief road before the B6279 reappears at a roundabout to head northeast along Haughton Road, where it crosses the East Coast Main Line.

When the B6279 was first extended it followed the ex-A66 all the way to Haughton-le-Skerne to meet what is now the A1150. However, in the 2000s it was rerouted, with the section to Haughton being declassified. The B6279 now follows the pre-bypass A66 not much further beyond the railway line, as far as a hamburger roundabout. From this point on the B6279 heads east along a road that did not exist until the 2000s, built on the original line of the Stockton & Darlington Railway. It passes land which was later developed before finally ending at a roundabout on the current route of the A66 at the Darlington Eastern Bypass.


Darlington Eastern transport Corridor near Lingfield Point

The 1.8 mile Darlington Eastern Transport Corridor from Haughton Road to A66 Darlington Eastern Bypass was to open on 26 August 2008. Cost £15 million.

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West end of Ingleton village - Geograph - 1339134.jpgDarlington Cross Town Route - Coppermine - 5940.gifDarlington Eastern transport Corridor near Lingfield Point - Geograph - 6641971.jpg
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