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C154 (South Lanarkshire)

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From:  High Blantyre (NS669564)
To:  East Kilbride (NS641543)
Distance:  4.9 miles (7.9 km)
Meets:  B7012, A725, A725
Former Number(s):  A776
Highway Authorities

South Lanarkshire

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
C154 Roads in East Kilbride
This article is about the Class III road numbered C154 maintained by South Lanarkshire Council.
For other roads numbered C154, see C154

The C154 number applies to a collection of roads in the eastern part of East Kilbride. The precise chronology and reasons why this collection of roads gained the same number is not entirely clear, but an educated guess follows.

The first part of the route is the old line of the A776, which was upgraded and then renumbered as part of the A725. This starts, at the east end, where the offslip from the A725 becomes the B7012, and heads west, running roughly parallel to and north of the main road. After passing under the A749, it rejoins the A725. There is then a short multiplex south west to the roundabout, where the C154 resumes. As this section of road is shown on maps before the A776 was upgraded, it can be presumed that this is the older part of the route, which follows the sinuous Calderwood Road south to rejoin the A725 at the next roundabout. However, to further confuse matters, the council list states that the route also includes the longer loop of Maxwellton Road and St Leonards Road to the east. It is not at all clear if this means that the central part of Calderwood Road is no longer part of the C154, or if the route forms a 'double loop' as shown on the map, right.

C154 (South Lanarkshire)
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