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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Whittington (TL713993)
To:  Icklingham (TL769733)
Via:  Methwold, Feltwell, Lakenheath
Distance:  20.9 miles (33.6 km)
Meets:  A134, A1065, A1101
Former Number(s):  B1106, B1386
Highway Authorities

Norfolk • Suffolk

Traditional Counties

Norfolk • Suffolk

Route outline (key)
B1112 Northwold - Feltwell
B1112 Whittington - Icklingham
This article is about the current B1112 between Whittington and Icklingham.
For the original B1112 between Woolpit and Thetford, see B1112 (Woolpit - Thetford)


The B1112 is a largely rural B-road in East Anglia.

The road starts at a roundabout on the A134 in Whittington and heads southeast along a straight road to skirt the eastern edge of Methwold. On the far side the road enters the forest and continues to a triangular junction where it turns right; through traffic on the B1112 has to TOTSO twice.

Easthall Farm at Feltwell on the B1112

We now head west back into the fields and soon reach Feltwell, where it skirts the eastern edge of the village to a T-junction where it TOTSOs left. We then pass a golf course and go through Hockwold-cum-Wilton (specifically the Hockwold bit) to cross a flood channel and then the River Little Ouse. On the far side we cross the Breckland Line at a level crossing by the isolated Lakenheath station.

The road continues south across Brandon Fen and doesn't reach Lakenheath itself for a mile or two. The road runs along the High Street and then skirts the western edge of RAF Lakenheath, which is accessed via a roundabout. The next village is the far smaller Eriswell and then we meet the A1065 at what was once a simple crossroads but which is now staggered.

A short straight section takes the road to the A11. Originally this road was met at a crossroads, which was later staggered, but when the A11 was dualled in the 2010s the junction was closed and the B1112 now goes under that road without access to it. We continue across the fields and it's not long before the end of the road is reached, at a T-junction on the A1101 on the northern edge of Icklingham.


The northern end of the B1112 in 1961, with the current road marked in red

This is the second incarnation of the B1112, which came into existence in the mid-1920s.

The road originally started on the B1106 in Methwold. It headed south along a straight road into Feltwell, where it picked up its current route via Lakenheath to Icklingham. Then in 1935 the road was extended north to end on the A134 in Northwold.

The original route of the B1112 was severed during World War II by the construction of RAF Methwold. The two ends of the road were reconnected after the war along a route to the west via Methwold Hythe. This situation lasted until the 2000s when the road from Northwold to Feltwell was declassified and the B1112 was diverted east from Feltwell along the B1386 then north along the B1106 (the remainder of these roads in this area was declassified) to the road's present terminus in Whittington.

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