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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Mildenhall (TL727743)
To:  Fakenham Bypass (TF910307)
Distance:  39.1 miles (62.9 km)
Meets:  A11, A1101, A134, A47, A148
Former Number(s):  B1105
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

Norfolk • Suffolk

Traditional Counties

Norfolk • Suffolk

Route outline (key)
A1065 Mildenhall - Fakenham


The A1065 is an important route through the centre of Norfolk.

It starts on the infamous Five Ways roundabout at Barton Mills, over the border in Suffolk, where it meet the A11 and A1101. It heads north along a dead-straight road through Mildenhall Woods until it bends to the right on the edge of Lakenheath airfield. The bend to the right is now more pronounced than before as the old road is lost under the airfield runway.

After rejoining its original route another wooded section leads to Brandon where the road TOTSOs left at traffic lights; ahead is the B1107 for Thetford. We now cross the River Little Ouse, elsewhere the county boundary, although Brandon High Street continues across the river and so we don't actually cross into Norfolk until the railway level crossing on the edge of town. The road now bends to the right and follows a straightish course through Thetford Forest to cross the A134 at a roundabout on the edge of Mundford.

There's another small wooded section on the far side of the River Wissey and occasional others further ahead - but on the whole the landscape has now changed from trees to fields. The road winds to the north passing through a couple of small villages and presently reaches the relative metropolis of Swaffham. We run into town along London Street and bear right at a mini-roundabout in the Market Place. The now-unclassified former A47 is crossed at a signalised staggered crossroads, after which the road heads north out of town along Station Street (the station is now gone). Shortly afterwards the A47 bypass is met and crossed via a GSJ, then the road continues north across the fields.

Lane meets busy road (A1065) at South Raynham

After a relatively straight section the road wheels right to avoid Castle Acre, after which it crosses the River Nar near West Lexham. The road now heads somewhat eastwards, passing through a number of small villages and skirting Raynham Park. After passing Pudding Norton the road climbs to reach a right turn signposted for Fakenham town centre. This is the original line of the A1065 and we now continue ahead on the western bypass. We skirt Hempton and cross the River Wensum before reaching a roundabout. The road ends here with two of the other directions being the A148 and the third being the former A148 into Fakenham.


A1065 in 1927

The A1065 wasn't in the original 1922 Road Lists, but it was one of the first upgraded A roads to appear - and the first A1xxx - being part of an upgraded B1105 by 1st April, 1924.

Apart from a bypass of RAF Lakenheath and another for Fakenham the road's route is unchanged since then.

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