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Primary Destinations
Beccles • Bury St Edmunds • Felixstowe • Ipswich • Lowestoft • Newmarket • Sudbury
Other Important Destinations
Bungay • Haverhill
Current Highway Authorities
Norfolk County Council • Suffolk County Council
Cambridgeshire • Essex • Norfolk
National Highways Roads
A11 • A12 • A14 • A47
This article is about the county.
For the Highway Authority, see Suffolk Council

Suffolk is a traditional county in East Anglia. From 1888 to 1974 it was split into two administrative counties, with West Suffolk administered from Bury St Edmunds and East Suffolk from the county town of Ipswich.

Geography & Economy

Orwell Bridge

The county borders are fairly obvious, running west-east from the Fens to the North Sea and north-south from the Rivers Waveney and Little Ouse to the River Stour. The majority of the county is low-lying, with gently rolling hills in the west. The coast is remarkably unstable: in the past thousand years the town of Dunwich has been eroded into a small village whilst Orford Ness has grown to cut off Orford itself from the sea. Most of Suffolk is rural, with agriculture an important industry. Newmarket in the west is a centre for horse-racing. Felixstowe is the county's largest container port whilst Lowestoft remains a fishing port; both towns are also seaside resorts. However, much of the coastal area is a nature reserve. The sugar factory of Bury St Edmunds is clearly visible from the A14. In the north the county merges into the Broads. Other tourist attractions include Sutton Hoo and Framlingham Castle.


The Pillar of Salt

Suffolk's road network is reasonably comprehensive but suffers due to the county's oblong shape and distances between centres of population. In many parts of the county Class II roads are more widespread than Class I. Owing to the river estuaries in the east there are few roads towards the sea; most roads serving the coast are dead ends. National Highways maintain the county's major artery, the east-west A14; this was numbered A45 until the 1990s but now has its distinctive number to form a through route between the motorways of the Midlands and the port of Felixstowe. The other trunk roads are the A11, which briefly enters Suffolk in the west; the A12 south of Ipswich and the A47 north of Lowestoft; the latter was numbered A12 until 2017. The A12 "coast" road is perhaps the county's most important non-trunk road. Most non-trunk roads within the county are maintained by Suffolk County Council, although the far northeast is maintained by Norfolk County Council.

Construction of the three sides of the Ipswich bypass altered the road network around the town considerably. As well as giving rise to the bridge over the River Orwell it has also left a long stretch of unclassified dual carriageway through Copdock, being a bypassed section of A12. However, there is no bypass to the north of Ipswich so traffic wanting to head that way either faces a detour or a road of worse quality. Bury St Edmunds claims the country's oldest internally illuminated road sign, dating to the 1930s, known as the Pillar of Salt.

Route From To Length


A11 London Norwich 61.8 miles View
A12 London Lowestoft 129 miles View
A14 Catthorpe Felixstowe 137 miles View
A47 Birmingham Lowestoft 157.9 miles View
A131 Chelmsford Bypass Sudbury 31.8 miles View
A132 Colchester Godmanchester 57.3 miles View
A134 Tottenhill Colchester 71.3 miles View
A137 Ipswich Colchester 18.4 miles View
A138 Ipswich Shotley Gate 8.5 miles View
A139 Ipswich Felixstowe 13.4 miles View
A140 Needham Market Crossdale Street 56.1 miles View
A142 Newmarket Chatteris 25.9 miles View
A143 Great Yarmouth Haverhill 74.9 miles View
A144 Darsham Bungay 14.1 miles View
A145 North Cove Blythburgh 10.3 miles View
A146 Norwich Oulton Broad 24.4 miles View
A154 Trimley Felixstowe Docks 4.5 miles View
A604 Barton Seagrave Parkeston Quay, Harwich 85 miles View
A1017 High Garrett Haverhill 'Spirit of Enterprise' Roundabout 18.2 miles View
A1021 Old Felixstowe Felixstowe 1.3 miles View
A1022 St Matthew's Street Slade Street 0.8 miles View
A1022 Crown Street Abbeygate Street 0.4 miles View
A1026 0.5 miles View
A1065 Mildenhall Fakenham Bypass 39.1 miles View
A1071 Newton, Sudbury Rushmere Heath, Ipswich 18.9 miles View
A1088 Thetford Woolpit 15.1 miles View
A1092 Baythorne End Long Melford (N) 10.5 miles View
A1093 Martlesham Kirton 5.2 miles View
A1094 Friday Street Aldeburgh 7.0 miles View
A1095 Blythburgh Southwold 4.0 miles View
A1100 Copdock Great Blakenham 5.6 miles View
A1101 Long Sutton bypass Bury St Edmunds 53.4 miles View
A1114 Handford Bridge, Ipswich Priory Heath 5.0 miles View
A1116 Beccles Bungay 5.7 miles View
A1117 Pakefield (W) Foxburrow Hill, Oulton 4.0 miles View
A1118 Kirkley Lowestoft 1.0 mile View
A1120 Stowmarket Yoxford 26.0 miles View
A1141 Hadleigh Bypass Bradfield Combust 13.6 miles View
A1142 Cornhill Northgate Street 0.2 miles View
A1143 Ballygate Blyburgate 0.4 miles View
A1144 Normanston Lowestoft 1.1 miles View
A1145 Carlton Colville Pakefield 1.3 miles View
A1152 Woodbridge Bypass Rendlesham 5.7 miles View
A1154 Harfreys Roundabout South Denes Road 0.59 miles View
A1156 Whitehouse Seven Hills 8.2 miles View
A1189 Rushmere Heath, Ipswich Nacton Heath, Ipswich 2.9 miles View
A1214 Copdock Martlesham 8.7 miles View
A1243 Southtown South Denes 2.5 miles View
A1302 Westley Southgate Green 2.9 miles View
A1304 Six Mile Bottom Water Hall 9.4 miles View
A1307 Alconbury Haverhill 44 miles View
A1308 Tot Hill Combs Ford 2.7 miles View
A1358 Stowmarket Combs Ford View   
B1029 Stratford St Mary Brightlingsea 14.4 miles View
B1057 Great Dunmow Haverhill 16.7 miles View
B1059 Colchester Sudbury 13.5 miles View
B1059 Upper Orwell Street Felixstowe Road 1.4 miles View
B1060 Haverhill Bury St Edmunds 17.8 miles View
B1061 Sturmer Newmarket 13.9 miles View
B1062 Homersfield Beccles 11.3 miles View
B1062 Baythorne End Long Melford 10.1 miles View
B1063 Newmarket Clare 16.2 miles View
B1064 Sudbury (N) Long Melford 2.3 miles View
B1065 Glemsford (S) Stanstead (SW) 2.2 miles View
B1066 Long Melford Horringer 11.6 miles View
B1067 Bramford Ipswich 2.9 miles View
B1067 Risbygate Street Out Northgate 0.5 miles View
B1068 Leavenheath East Bergholt(W) 7.7 miles View
B1069 Leiston Rendlesham 9.4 miles View
B1069 Newton Ipswich 16.3 miles View
B1070 Hadleigh Cattawade 9.5 miles View
B1071 Little Waldingfield(W) Lavenham 2.9 miles View
B1072 Little Waldingfield(W) Bildeston 6.3 miles View
B1073 Bridge Street Ipswich Railway Station 0.4 miles View
B1073 Semer Stowmarket 11.4 miles View
B1074 Lowestoft St Olaves 8.0 miles View
B1074 Copdock Great Blakenham 5.6 miles View
B1075 London Road, Ipswich Felixstowe Road, Ipswich 3.2 miles View
B1076 Dogs Head Street / Tacket Street St Margaret's Street 0.25 miles View
B1077 Ipswich Carbrooke Hall 46.2 miles View
B1078 Bildeston Tunstall Forest 31.2 miles View
B1079 Woodbridge Helmingham 9.0 miles View
B1080 Brantham Freston 5.4 miles View
B1080 Martlesham Kirton 5.2 miles View
B1081 High Road West Orwell Road 0.6 miles View
B1082 Hamilton Road Garrison Lane 0.8 miles View
B1083 Wilford Bridge Bawdsey 7.8 miles View
B1084 Bromeswell Orford 9.2 miles View
B1085 Fordham Lidgate 12.2 miles View
B1087 Nayland Stoke-by-Nayland 2.1 miles View
B1101 Bury St Edmunds Outwell 39.2 miles View
B1102 Stow Cum Quy Mildenhall 17.3 miles View
B1103 Burwell Newmarket 4.4 miles View
B1106 Brandon Bury St Edmunds 19.5 miles View
B1107 Thetford Bypass Brandon 4.9 miles View
B1111 Stanton Stow Bedon (SW) 16.2 miles View
B1112 Whittington Icklingham 20.9 miles View
B1112 Woolpit Thetford 14.6 miles View
B1113 Sproughton Harford Bridge, Norwich 50.8 miles View
B1114 Stowmarket Ashfield Place 12.4 miles View
B1115 Sudbury Stowupland 23.5 miles View
B1116 Wickham Market Harleston 19.4 miles View
B1117 Thornham Parva Halesworth 21.0 miles View
B1118 Dennington Scole 12.2 miles View
B1119 Saxtead Green Leiston 13.5 miles View
B1120 Framlingham Badingham 2.8 miles View
B1121 Dorley's Corner Friston 5.2 miles View
B1122 Yoxford Aldeburgh 9.3 miles View
B1123 Harleston (S) Blythburgh (N) 15.5 miles View
B1124 Holten Brampton 3.8 miles View
B1125 Theberton Blythburgh 5.8 miles View
B1125 Blythburgh Brampton 3.7 miles View
B1126 Wangford Southwold 2.8 miles View
B1127 Southwold Ellough Airfield 9.3 miles View
B1128 The Walk Beccles Station 0.2 miles View
B1129 Oulton Broad Rackham's Corner, Blundeston 3.4 miles View
B1130 Oulton Broad Lowestoft 1.9 miles View
B1353 Coldfair Green Thorpeness 2.3 miles View
B1353 Farnham Friston 3.1 miles View
B1370 Lowestoft Road Beccles Road 1.4 miles View
B1375 Oulton Broad North Blundeston(E) 2.7 miles View
B1383 Ballygate Blyburgate 0.4 miles View
B1384 Bloodmoor Hill Pakefield 0.7 miles View
B1385 Lowestoft Corton (W) 2.3 miles View
B1387 Blythburgh(S) Walberswick (Ferry) 3.6 miles View
B1435 Hillside Road West Hillside Road East 1.7 miles View
B1437 Kessingland (N) Kessingland Beach 2.7 miles View
B1438 Woodbridge bypass (SW) Wickham Market 7.2 miles View
B1456 Maidenhall Shotley Gate 9.3 miles View
B1458 Fore Street Ipswich Docks 0.6 miles View
B1506 Newmarket (NE) Kentford 4.6 miles View
B1508 Colchester Sudbury 13.5 miles View
B1531 Oulton Broad Lowestoft 1.3 miles View
B1532 Pakefield(S) Lowestoft 2.0 miles View     
T2 London Norwich View
T3 London Great Yarmouth View
T45 Ipswich Weedon View


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Bridges, Tunnels, and other Crossings

Main Article: Crossings in Suffolk

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