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From:  Tonypandy (SS994926)
To:  Cardiff Bay (ST191746)
Distance:  20.7 miles (33.3 km)
Meets:  A4058, B4278, A4233, A4093, B4595, A473, B4264, M4, B4262, A4054, A48, B4267, A4161, A4160, A470
Former Number(s):  A4093, B4271, B4261, A4054, B4259
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

Cardiff  • Rhondda Cynon Taf

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A4119 Ystrad - Tonypandy
A4119 Tonypandy - Cardiff Bay
A4119 Branch to M4 J34

The A4119 can be effectively described as an historical coal route, running from the famous collieries of the Rhondda Valleys down to Cardiff Docks. Indeed, much of the first section of road runs on a completely different alignment to the original route, running along railways that served many towns near the pits until their decline and closure after 1984.


The road now starts in Tonypandy in the Rhondda Fawr on the A4058 and climbs uphill westward before turning to head south. The first section of road is a relatively new build running on top of former railway alignments to coal mining collieries, avoiding the narrow streets running below. The B4278 is crossed at a roundabout, then the route leaves the towns to head into more desolate mountain areas, meeting the A4233 from the Rhondda Fach and the A4093 from Blackmill en route. A few miles beyond this, it leaves the reclaimed railway alignment and rejoins the original route along the Ely Valley.

A succession of roundabouts around the Royal Mint and Llantrisant lead out to a straight dual carriageway. The mainline of the A4119 turns left at a set of lights and narrows again; straight ahead leads directly to the M4 at junction 34.

Cathedral Road, Cardiff

Meanwhile our route leaves the mountains and valleys behind and passes through relatively uneventful countryside, crossing under the M4 without a junction just before Radyr. Then we suddenly hit the suburbs of Cardiff and the route changes to a typical urban road. At Llandaff, there's a set of lights for the A48 Western Avenue, a junction where westbound A48 traffic uses a separate road to reach the A4119. Then the road runs down the west side of the River Taff, before crossing over and running through the heavily redeveloped docklands at Cardiff Bay. It ends at a gyratory opposite the Millennium Centre at Bute Street, where it meets the A470.


The A4119 came into being in the mid-1920s as an upgrade of previously existing Class II roads. The road's initial route started on the A4093 in Tonyrefail and then followed the B4271 to Llantrisant. After a short multiplex along the A473, the B4261 was then taken over to Llandaff and the A4054.

In 1935 the road was extended north along part of the A4093 into Ystrad. Interestingly, this was originally the B4271 (renumbered in 1924), thus reuniting that route under one number again.

By the 1950s the A4119 had been extended south of Llandaff along part of the A4054 to reach the A48 (now A4161) to the west of the Taff Bridge. The road was later extended again along the B4259 to its present southern end on the A470.


The A4119 in 1950, with the present route to the west superimposed

The original route of the A4119 started at Salam Terrace (the A4058 continued straight on to run to Porth via Trealaw) and went through the centre of Llynwypia and Tonypandy, then running on the now B4278 through Penygraig and Penrhiwfer. There was then a TOTSO (with the then-A4093 at Tonyrefail, then a right turn at the lights to run down the Ely Valley Road.


Llantrisant Bypass from Ely Valley Road to Cefn-y-Parc (it joined the former Cardiff Road south of the Afon Clun bridge) was opened in November 1969 per the Cymru : Wales 1969 Report.

The Mid Rhondda Access Road from Tonypandy to Coed Ely, south of Tonyrefail, was opened on 5 October 1988 per the Noise Insulation Regulations notice. Cost £6.7 million.


As of 2022 the route from Coed Ely Roundabout to Llantrisant Business Park is going to be dualled to open up business and trade and reduce and remove the accident blackspot on the Ely Valley Road section

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