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From:  St Brides Major (SS894746)
To:  Brocastle (SS936769)
Via:  Ogmore by Sea
Distance:  7.9 miles (12.7 km)
Meets:  B4265, B4265, A48
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

Vale of Glamorgan

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B4524 St Brides Major – Ogmore by Sea – Ewenny
(B4265) Ewenny
B4524 Ewenny – Brocastle
Approaching Ogmore by Sea

The B4524 forms a loop off the B4265 between St Brides Major and Ewenny by way of Ogmore by Sea at the western end of the Vale of Glamorgan, followed by a short extension eastward running from Ewenny to Brocastle on the A48. Not included in the original 1922 road lists (at which stage the main road through St Brides was numbered B4269), its full length was nevertheless in existence as a Class II route by the early 1930s.

Within a kilometre of leaving the southern end of St Brides Major heading in a southwesterly direction we catch sight of the sea ahead together with the first houses of the village of Southerndown, overlooking the coast from a height of some 75 m above sea level. From here a minor road descends to Dunraven Bay, but the B4524 now turns to run generally northwestward, along the top of the steep slope rising from the rocky shoreline, towards and eventually through Ogmore by Sea. There are wide views over the sea to our left and many of the houses we pass have been designed to take full advantage of these vistas.

The estuary of the River Ogmore comes into sight ahead as the road swings round to northeastward to follow the river upstream in the direction of Bridgend. The sands of Merthyr-mawr Warren are on the opposite bank, with dunes of a sufficiently impressive scale to have been used as a location for the filming of Lawrence of Arabia! Our road descends gently towards the level of the river, of which we have a clear view as the road is unfenced and the land on both riverbanks is mostly sand, covered with little more than sheep-grazed grass and low furze.

Some 3 km after leaving Ogmore by Sea we reach the more ancient riverside settlement of Ogmore proper. Today the village amounts to not much more than a few houses and a pub on the main road; the ruins of Ogmore Castle remain a clear landmark, however, standing between the road and river. The next couple of eastward-heading kilometres, through lusher farmland, complete the loop section of the B4524, bringing us back to the B4265 at Ewenny.

Our itinerary is not quite done yet, however, as a quick dog-leg along the latter route, first left and then right (just before the Ewenny River bridge) brings us into the old centre of Ewenny village proper. From here the final 3.5-km section of our route takes us through the nearby village of Corntown to join the Crack Hill section of the A48 Bridgend to Cowbridge main road at Brocastle.

Apart from the last 1.5 km, on which the national speed limit applies, our speed on the entire route has been limited to 40 mph (or 30 mph through the villages).

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