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From:  Church End (SP292926)
To:  Newbold on Avon (SP496765)
Via:  Stockingford, Chilvers Coton, Whitestone, Bulkington, Pailton
Distance:  19.8 miles (31.9 km)
Meets:  B4114, B4102, A444, B4114, B4029, B4109, B4065, B4455, B4428, A4071
Primary Destinations
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Route outline (key)
B4112 Church End - Stockingford
(B4102) Stockingford
B4112 Stockingford - Chilvers Cotton
(A444) Chilvers Cotton
(A4254) Chilvers Cotton - Attleborough
(B4114) Attleborough - Whitestone
B4112 Whitestone - Street Ashton
(B4428) Street Ashton - Pailton
B4112 Pailton - Newbold
B4112, Nuneaton Road, Bulkington

The B4112 is a long B-road in north Warwickshire.

It starts at Church End, a small village on the B4114, and heads southeast then east before meeting the B4102 in the Nuneaton suburb of Stockingford. Although that road has to TOTSO it is the dominant partner in the multiplex ahead which lasts a few hundred yards until a mini-roundabout where the B4112 TOTSOs right. Presently it reaches the A444 in Chilvers Cotton, to the south of Nuneaton town centre.

It would appear that this is the end of the B4112 but in fact the road reappears about two miles' drive away (and by multiplexing with three other roads) in the suburb of Whitestone. In fairness, the B4112 did originally go a slightly different way and then part of this linking section was renumbered A4254. Before then, even, the 1922 western end of the B4112 was in Whitestone and was extended west in the early 1930s.

The second section of the B4112 appears to have déjà vu as it starts by turning south off the B4114 (although this time it is urban and at double mini-roundabouts). It quickly leaves Nuneaton behind before crossing the Ashby Canal and then going through Bulkington. There is a short multiplex with the B4029 between adjacent mini-roundabouts; the section is too short to determine which road is dominant although the B4112 is the straight route.

After going over the M69 without a junction the B4112 crosses the B4065 (formerly A46) and then heads southeast. It zigzags through Withybrook before crossing the B4455 Fosse Way; that road has to give way to the B4112. A few hundred yards later a T-junction is reached. This is the B4428, which is the dominant partner in a multiplex east through the village of Pailton. The B4112 regains its number by turning right at a triangular junction by the war memorial in the centre of the village.

After crossing the M6 it goes through Harborough Magna before crossing the Oxford Canal. Now in the suburbs of Rugby it ends in Newbold on Avon at a roundabout on the A4071.

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