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From:  Bedworth (SP361869)
To:  Brinklow (SP427795)
Via:  Ansty
Distance:  7.3 miles (11.7 km)
Meets:  B4113, B4109, B4112, B4065, B4428
Former Number(s):  B4113
Old route now:  B4455
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B4029 Bedworth - Brinklow
(A4114) Brinklow
B4029 Brinklow - Bretford
(A428) Bretford
B4029 Bretford - Ryton-on-Dunsmore
This article is about the current B4029 in Warwickshire.
For the original B4029 in Oxfordshire, see B4029 (Oxfordshire)
M69 motorway bridge over the B4029 south of Bulkington

The B4029 is a largely rural Class II road running tangentially past the northeastern side of Coventry and intersecting with a surprising number of other transport modes in its 11-kilometre length.

The route starts in Bedworth, heading east from a roundabout on the B4113 close to the town's railway station and immediately crossing the secondary Coventry to Nuneaton line. Leaving Bedworth past Nicholas Chamberlaine Technology College and very extensive school playing fields on the left, the B4029 bridges the Coventry Canal before heading through farmland to Bulkington, reached just after a crossing of the West Coast Main Line.

Three Class II roads – the B4029, B4109, and B4112 – intersect in the extensively traffic-calmed village of Bulkington (with our number dominant through a multiplex), and we leave via Shilton Lane, now heading southeastward. Yet another longer-distance traffic corridor is encountered as we pass beneath the M69 on the approach to Shilton itself.

We turn right at a three-way light-controlled junction in the village centre, and soon cross over the WCML again. Shortly after this, opposite Ansty Hall (now a hotel) we turn left and immediately cross another inland waterway (this time, it's the Oxford Canal) and, not long afterwards, pass beneath another motorway (the M6). Rolls-Royce's rurally situated Ansty engineering works lie across the fields to our right, and a further three kilometres' drive brings us to our terminus on Coventry Road, the B4428, just west of the village of Brinklow.


Originally the road from Bedworth to Bulkington was numbered B4113 whilst the road south to Brinklow was unclassified. The B4029 took on the Bulkington to Brinklow road in the mid-1920s, an early example of a recycled number. It also extended further south via Bretford to end on the A45 at Ryton-on-Dunsmore.

By the 1980s the B4113 had been moved elsewhere and the B4029 extended along its old route into Bedworth. The southern end was cut back with the inauguration of the B4455 around 1990; that road took over the ex-B4029 from Brinklow to Bretford whilst the remainder to Ryton was declassified

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