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From:  Bordesleigh Bridge, Redditch (SP041694)
To:  Coventry (SP328787)
Via:  Holt End, Hockley Heath, Dorridge, Knowle & Balsal
Distance:  22.7 miles (36.5 km)
Meets:  A441, B4497, A435, B4102, A3400, A4141, A452, A45, B4107, B4106, A4053
Former Number(s):  A4023
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

Coventry • Solihull • Warwickshire • Worcestershire

Traditional Counties

Warwickshire • Worcestershire

Route outline (key)
B4101 Bordesleigh Bridge - Hockley Heath
(A3400) Hockley Heath
B4101 Hockley Heath - Coventry
The B4101 between Coventry and Balsall Common in rural Warwickshire

The B4101 is a rural B-road in the West Midlands region.

It starts on the A441 on the northern edge of Redditch and heads east, passing rather than going through the new town. After going through Beoley, where it meets the B4497, it reaches Branson's Cross where there is a simple GSJ with the dual-carriageway A435. Soon afterwards the road reaches Wood End and its junction with the B4102 before going round the south of M42 J3A and then being the northernmost road to cross the M40.

After turning to the north the road bends sharply right to enter Hockley Heath, right on the edge of the Metropolitan Borough of Solihull. The road soon reaches a T-junction on the A3400. This is Stratford Road where the house numbers are well over 2000. The B4101 turns left and multiplexes north through the village, crossing the Stratford upon Avon canal en route, before turning right to regain its number and eastward direction. There is then a short section through Warwick District before Solihull is entered again.

The road then enters Dorridge where it goes under the Chiltern Main Line before following a straight and semi-rural road to Knowle where it crosses the A4141 at a staggered crossroads. One block further east the road TOTSOs right as it meets a spur which left the A4141 slightly further north. The road reenters open country and crosses the Grand Union Canal before winding through Temple Balsall into Balsall Street.

Originally the B4101 turned left along Station Road into Balsall Common where it crossed the A452. Now, however, the road continues ahead along the former B4105 to go round the south of Balsall Common and cross the A452 at traffic lights. It then continues through Catchem's Corner before crossing the Birmingham to Coventry railway line. It TOTSOs left to rejoin its original route (which had come via Berkswell station) at a roundabout.

Heading east once more the B4101 soon enters the outskirts of Coventry. It crosses the A45 at traffic lights, although a one-way system means westbound traffic meets the A45 one block south and has to multiplex for a short distance. The two directions meet at traffic lights before heading east to cross Hearsall Common.

After crossing the B4107 at traffic lights the B4101 swings to the north to reach a traffic-light-controlled T-junction on the B4106. Originally the B4101 ended here but now it TOTSOs right along the ex-B4106 to go under a viaduct on the Coventry to Nuneaton line. After widening to dual carriageway the B4101 ends on the A4053 ring road at junction 7.

In the early 1970s the entire of the B4101 was renumbered A4023. However, the road is not particularly adequate for Class I status and so it regained its original number with the coming of the M42 in 1986.

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