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From:  Barrow-in-Furness (SD193693)
To:  Ulverston (SD288782)
Via:  Bardsea & Aldingham
Distance:  14 miles (22.5 km)
Meets:  A590, A590
Former Number(s):  B5282
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Route outline (key)
A5087 Barrow-in-Furness - Ulverston

The A5087 links the A590 to itself in the south of the Furness area of Lancashire. The road was originally unclassified, except for the section west of Roose which was numbered B5282, becoming the A5087 in the mid-1920s.

We start on the A590 at a roundabout outside Tesco in Barrow and head south east. Soon, we pass under the High Level Bridge which crosses the dock, before turning round to the right, with the roadside buildings slowly changing from industrial to residential in shape and more noticeably in size. The railway line passes overhead, marking the beginning of Salthouse, and slowly the buildings change from Victorian terraces, hastily erected during Barrow's boom, to more modern, spread-out town planning of later generations. We re-cross the railway and reach the roundabout at Roose where the road turns sharply right, soon leaving Barrow behind.

A5087 towards Roosecote Farm

As we head south east once more, the large structures of the Power Station loom over us to the right, while the road passes through more rural undulating scenery. After a little over two miles, another roundabout is reached, practically on the shore of Morecambe Bay. However, before we continue on the A5087 perhaps a little detour to the right is in order. This short unclassified road leads along the shore and then out on a causeway to Roa Island, a small community on a rocky outcrop between Morecambe Bay and the Piel Channel. At the end of the road, a bench allows a view across to Piel Island, whose pub is reached by ferry, as well as Walney Island. It is a pleasant spot! The causeway was built by the Furness Railway and did not become a road until the 1930s; surprisingly it is still Network Rail property!

Back to our road, however, and we find ourselves heading north east once more, with little between us and the huge sandy expanse of Morecambe Bay. At high tide it looks like any other piece of the sea, but at low tide the sand stretches away into the distance, seemingly all the way to Morecambe on the Horizon. It is, however, very treacherous.

Just past Newbiggin, there is a brief detour inland, followed by a slightly longer one past Aldingham and Baycliff where the road climbs substantially up the hill, offering some good views across the bay. We drop down to the shore once more at Bardsea, before finally turning inland and heading for Ulverston. It is not a big town, however, and before too long we have passed under the railway bridge and reached journey's end with a split where the mainline follows Quebec Street to a traffic-light-controlled junction with the A590, while the spur heads westwards along The Ellers to a roundabout terminus on the A590.

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