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Berwickshire is a traditional county in the south of Scotland. It takes its name from the medieval county town, Berwick upon Tweed, although after changing hands a number of times the town was finally claimed by the English several centuries ago! It is now one of the four counties which were brought together under Scottish Borders Council.

Geography & Economy

the A6105 passing through Duns

Much of the county is relatively low lying, fertile farmland along the Tweed and its tributaries. The north west of the county is hillier, with upland moors, but fewer forestry plantations than the other Border counties. Following the loss of Berwick, Greenlaw and then Duns became the county towns, but neither prospered and grew as might be expected and all of the counties towns and villages are small. Eyemouth on the coast is perhaps the largest (although it is close in size with Duns), and despite a lengthy, if rugged, coastline, Eyemouth and St Abbs are the only harbour towns on the coast.

The county still has a small, scattered population with a largely rural economy. Tourism along the coast and Tweed Valley plays a part, and there is limited commuting outwith the county to the larger towns across its borders, although it is not really in the commuter belt for either Edinburgh or Newcastle.


Union Bridge over the Tweed

There is a good network of A and B roads criss-crossing the county between the A68 and A1, except in the north west where the landscape has limited settlement. The A6105 is the main east-west route, supplemented by a number of B roads between it and the Tweed. None of the routes except the trunk roads are particularly high quality, but with low traffic volumes and a sparsely populated landscape, the roads are empty enough to be enjoyed. In the south of the county there are some fine bridges across the Tweed, and also along the A1 in the east.

Most non-trunk roads within the traditional county are maintained by Scottish Borders Council. The Trunk Roads, which are the A1 and A68 are managed by Transport Scotland. Despite the A1 being an important east coast route into Edinburgh, less than half of the route through the county is dualled. The long single carriageway sections can prove slow, with heavy traffic and lots of lorries, but any plans to improve the route are in the long-term future.

Route From To Length
A1107 Cockburnspath (S) Ayton (E) 13.2 miles View
A6089 Whiteburn Kelso 13.6 miles View
A6105 Earlston Berwick-upon-Tweed 33.0 miles View
A6112 Coldstream Grantshouse 21.1 miles View
A68 Dalkeith Darlington 128 miles View
A697 Morpeth Oxton 67.7 miles View
A698 Hawick Tweedmouth 43.8 miles View
A7 Edinburgh Carlisle 94.3 miles View
B1343 Burnmouth Eyemouth 2.5 miles View
B1344 Reston St Abbs 4.1 miles View
B6355 Tranent Eyemouth 42.0 miles View
B6356 Earlston Clintmains 6.5 miles View
B6356 Kelso Berwick-upon-Tweed 22.5 miles View
B6362 Stow High Cross 7.2 miles View
B6363 Earlston Greenlaw 10.2 miles View
B6364 Kelso Greenlaw 7.2 miles View
B6365 Burnhouses Duns (N) 2.1 miles View
B6366 Langton Gate Castle Street 0.2 miles View
B6366 Duns (N) Grantshouse 7.7 miles View
B6368 Haddington Crookston 17.3 miles View
B6397 Earlston Kelso 8.9 miles View
B6404 St Boswells Mainberry 6.0 miles View
B6437 Lennel Houndwood 15.3 miles View
B6438 Preston St Abbs 10.5 miles View
B6456 Whiteburn (E) Choicelee 9.9 miles View
B6460 Greenlaw Paxton 14.2 miles View
B6461 Kelso New Water Haugh 21.8 miles View
B6470 Swinton Norham(E) 5.2 miles View
B6473 High Cross Oxton 5.0 miles View
Berwickshire Coastal Route Burnmouth south of Cockburnspath 13.5 miles View
Borders Historic Route Edinburgh border nr Carlisle 95 miles View
C100 Berryhill Ravelaw 10.3 miles View
C101 Gavinton Crumstane 3.5 miles View
C102 Gavinton Fogomoor 3.2 miles View
C103 Crumstane Whitelaw 2 miles View
C104 New Road Preston Road 0.3 miles View
C105 South Street Easter Street 0.1 miles View
C106 Hoardwheel Cockburnspath 7.2 miles View
C107 Burnhouses Whiteburn 5.9 miles View
C108 Grantshouse Moorhouse 2.9 miles View
C109 Cockburnspath Council Boundary 1.9 miles View
C110 Ecclaw Whinhouse 0.9 miles View
C111 Edrom Allanton 2 miles View
C112 Reston Lintlaw 4.6 miles View
C113 Auchencrow Coldlands 0.4 miles View
C114 Reston Coveyheugh 0.6 miles View
C115 Waterloo Arms Main Street 0.4 miles View
C116 Maines Chirnside 0.3 miles View
C117 Fishwick Paxton 4.5 miles View
C118 Whiterig Clarabad 4 miles View
C119 Huxton Cairncross 2.6 miles View
C120 Ayton Coldingham 2.9 miles View
C121 Eyemouth Alemill 1.6 miles View
C122 Burnmouth Eyemouth 1.6 miles View
C123 Burnmouth Ross 0.7 miles View
C124 Coldingham Road Northburn Road 0.3 miles View
C125 Market Place Harbour Road 0.1 miles View
C126 Harbour Road Northburn Road 0.4 miles View
C129 Flemington Ayton 1.7 miles View
C130 Tower Bridge Pathhead 1.6 miles View
C131 Gunsgreenhill Roundabout Eyemouth Harbour 1.3 miles View
C76 Lauder Sorrowlessfield 6.7 miles View
C77 Galashiels Lauder 8.6 miles View
C78 Drygrange Bridge Smailholm 5 miles View
C79 Stichill Mainberry 3.2 miles View
C80 Millfield Stodrig 4.4 miles View
C81 Legars Mersington 5.5 miles View
C82 West High Street East High Street 0.1 miles View
C83 Oxton Midburn 2.7 miles View
C84 Carfraemill Oxton 1 mile View
C85 New Mills Newbigging 0.9 miles View
C86 Birkenside Westruther 7.9 miles View
C87 Clint Mains Brotherstone 2.5 miles View
C88 Kelso Hill Fans Loanhead 0.5 miles View
C89 Cambridge West Morriston 5.3 miles View
C90 East Gordon Purvishaugh 6 miles View
C91 Whitehill Cove House 2 miles View
C92 Whitehill Hume 3.7 miles View
C93 Greenlaw Eccles 4.9 miles View
C94 Coldstream Bogend 7.1 miles View
C95 Hatchednize Polwarth 8.1 miles View
C96 Birgham Horndean 9.6 miles View
C97 Birgham Eccles 2.4 miles View
C98 Duns Council Boundary 10.9 miles View
C99 Harcarse Union Bridge 7.7 miles View
E15 Inverness Dover 640 miles View
E31 London Glasgow 446 miles View
1 Dover Norwick View
76 Berwick upon Tweed Stirling and Kirkcaldy View
T1 London Scrabster View
T86 Newcastle Edinburgh View 


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Non Primary Route
Former Motorway
Defunct Route
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Future Motorway
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National Cycle Network
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RoadsA1 • A1107 • A6089 • A6105 • A6112 • A68 • A697 • A698 • A7 • B1343 (Berwickshire) • B1344 (Berwickshire) • B6355 • B6356 • B6356 (Kelso - Berwick) • B6362 • B6363 (Berwickshire) • B6364 • B6365 • B6366 (Duns) • B6366 (Duns - Grantshouse) • B6368 • B6397 • B6404 • B6437 • B6438 • B6456 • B6460 • B6461 (Kelso - Berwick) • B6470 • B6473 (Berwickshire) • Berwickshire Coastal Route • Borders Historic Route • C100 (Borders) • C101 (Borders) • C102 (Borders) • C103 (Borders) • C104 (Borders) • C105 (Borders) • C106 (Borders) • C107 (Borders) • C108 (Borders) • C109 (Borders) • C110 (Borders) • C111 (Borders) • C112 (Borders) • C113 (Borders) • C114 (Borders) • C115 (Borders) • C116 (Borders) • C117 (Borders) • C118 (Borders) • C119 (Borders) • C120 (Borders) • C121 (Borders) • C122 (Borders) • C123 (Borders) • C124 (Borders) • C125 (Borders) • C126 (Borders) • C129 (Borders) • C130 (Borders) • C131 (Borders) • C76 (Borders) • C77 (Borders) • C78 (Borders) • C79 (Borders) • C80 (Borders) • C81 (Borders) • C82 (Borders) • C83 (Borders) • C84 (Borders) • C85 (Borders) • C86 (Borders) • C87 (Borders) • C88 (Borders) • C89 (Borders) • C90 (Borders) • C91 (Borders) • C92 (Borders) • C93 (Borders) • C94 (Borders) • C95 (Borders) • C96 (Borders) • C97 (Borders) • C98 (Borders) • C99 (Borders) • E15 • E31 (via Newcastle) • NCN1 • NCN76 • T1 (Britain) • T86 (Britain)
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