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Castle Douglas • Kirkcudbright • New Galloway • Newton Stewart
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A75 • A76

Kirkcudbrightshire (pron. Kirkcoobrie-shire, approx.) is a traditional county in the south of Scotland. In the past it has also been known as the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, or even just Stewartry. Along with Wigtownshire to the west, it forms the Galloway part of Dumfries & Galloway.

Geography & Economy

Kirkcudbright Bridge

The county of Kirkcudbrightshire is a county of two parts. The north east is largely upland moors and forest with few settlements other than St Johns Town of Dalry and New Galloway, which lie along the valley of the River Dee. The south eastern part is lower lying, along the coast, and more densely populated, although still almost completely rural in character. Farming and fishing remain important in the local economy, although green energy, particularly wind farms, has brought a lot of business to the county in recent years.

The upland part of the county, much of it lying in the Forest of Galloway, has been successfully marketed as an adventure activity destination, with mountain bike trails, watersports and walking drawing a lot of people for weekends or longer stays. Tourism plays a lower key role in the south of the county, depsite the coastline. At the eastern end of the county, the town of Dumfries - the largest in the area - straddles the county boundary and provides a significant draw for many residents, bringing a large area of the county into the commuter belt for the town.


The A712 crossing the hills

The A75 is the main route through the county, crossing from east to west to connect the Irish Ferries with the motorway near Carlisle. The A712 appears to take a shorter route across the county, but the terrain it passes through means that it is a much slower route, with improvements likely to be more expensive. There is a good network of B and unclassified roads south of the A75, connecting to the coastal A roads, but to the north there are large areas without roads, particularly to the west of the Dee Valley. The general route of the A75 was first laid out as a military road by Major Caulfeild, better known for his military roads in the Highlands.

Most non-trunk roads within the traditional county are maintained by Dumfries & Galloway. The only trunk roads in the county are the A75 and a short piece of the A76, which are maintained by Transport Scotland. Despite a number of small improvements being carried out every few years, the long term aspiration to dual the A75 remains long term.

Route From To Length
A702 Edinburgh St John's Town of Dalry 83 miles View
A710 Maxwelltown Dalbeattie 24.7 miles View
A711 Maxwelltown Barncrosh Junction 36.3 miles View
A712 Crocketford Newton Stewart 32.3 miles View
A713 Ayr Castle Douglas 49.2 miles View
A714 Girvan Braehead 38.0 miles View
A745 Dalbeattie Castle Douglas 6.1 miles View
A75 Gretna Stranraer 95.8 miles View
A755 Kirkcudbright Gatehouse of Fleet bypass 6.2 miles View
A756 Dumfries (E) Troqueer 1.3 miles View
A76 Kilmarnock Maxwelltown 56.2 miles View
A762 St John's Town of Dalry Tongland Bridge 20.5 miles View
A769 Bogue Balmaclellan 1.7 miles View
A780 Summerhill Solway Gate 3.9 miles View
B7000 St John's Town of Dalry High Bridge of Ken 6.0 miles View
B7075 Balmaclellan St John's Town of Dalry 1.7 miles View
B7079 Calgow Newton Stewart 1.9 miles View
B727 Cullinaw Gatehouse of Fleet 23.2 miles View
B727 Dalbeattie Castle Douglas 5.6 miles View
B728 Kirkcudbright Minto Cottage 4.6 miles View
B729 Holywood Carsphairn 28.8 miles View
B730 Thornhill St John's Town of Dalry 21.1 miles View
B736 Kelton Mains Douganhill 6.3 miles View
B793 Dalbeattie Caulkerbush 7.8 miles View
B794 Dalbeattie Corsock 11.5 miles View
B795 Lauriston Gerranton 6.6 miles View
B796 Cardoness Castle New Rusko 7.0 miles View
E110 Newcastle Stranraer 166 miles View
E18 Craigavon Newcastle 248 miles View
Galloway Tourist Route Gretna Green Ayr 96 miles View
NCN7 Sunderland Culloden Moor View
Raiders' Road Forest Drive Clatteringshaws Quarter Land 10 miles View
Solway Coast Heritage Trail Annan Stranraer 180 miles View
South West Coastal 300 Cairnryan Cairnryan 304 miles View
T28 Gretna Stirling View 


Primary Route
Non Primary Route
Former Motorway
Defunct Route
E Road
Future Motorway
Future Primary
Future Non Primary
Historical Route
Tourist Route
Roman Road
Unbuilt Motorway
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National Cycle Network
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PlacesCastle Douglas • Kirkcudbright • New Galloway • Newton Stewart
MiscellaneousCrossings in Kirkcudbrightshire • Dumfries and Galloway Council • Junctions in Kirkcudbrightshire
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