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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Shirehampton (ST545771)
To:  Winterbourne (ST647805)
Distance:  9.7 miles (15.6 km)
Meets:  B4054, B4055, A4018, A38, B4427, B4058
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

Bristol  • South Gloucestershire

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B4057 Shirehampton - Henbury
B4057 Henbury - Broad Mead, Filton
B4057 Broad Mead - Winterbourne


OK, so you've looked at a map, you've seen the bits of the B4057 dotted around north Bristol, and confusion has overwhelmed you. Why else would you be here?

The answer is relatively straightforward - the former Filton Airport.

Shirehampton - Henbury

We start on Shirehampton Road above the Avon Gorge and a TOTSO for the B4054. The main flow away from Clifton is continued on to the B4057, and so eventually doubles back on itself. We climb up the hill, passing trees, fields and occasional housing estates along Kings Weston Road. Then we reach the strange one-way system, where eastbound traffic is diverted up Hallen Road to avoid the narrow streets through Henbury.

After a T-junction where we turn right onto Avonmouth Road, we reach the B4055 at a roundabout. Here, we need to turn right, then left at another mini roundabout giving access to the westbound (and original) B4057, before turning into Crow Lane where the B4057 resumes once more. This part of the road then finishes with a roundabout on the A4018 Passage Road.

Henbury - Patchway

A former section of B4057 bisected by Filton Airfield, now upgraded to serve Cribb's Causeway

I'm afraid that as most of this road is consigned to history, you will need to refer to the History section below.

However, there is one very curious remnant of this section of the B4057 at Patchway with a GSJ on the A38. For some reason, the actual junction between these two roads, and the roundabout that serves that junction is still labelled as B4057, although all of the connecting roads are unclassified. Incidentally, if you look at aerial photography, it becomes clear that the roundabout was once part of the A38 - the road heading to the south back to the A38 still has its markings despite being closed to traffic.

Filton - Winterbourne

B4057 between the M4 bridge and Winterbourne

Half a mile or so further south on the A38 at Filton, the B4057 reappears once more, heading east along Gipsy Patch Lane. The first section has a number of junctions serving the industrial estates at Filton, and then, since it has become a major distributor road for the southern parts of Bradley Stoke, it runs like a parkway between housing developments. Sections are D2 (albeit with lanes hatched out here and there), and there is a mix of traffic lights and roundabouts for the few junctions.

The staggered crossroads where the B4427 meets has been messed about quite a bit, and where it used to be D2 with turning lanes, it is now D1. Grass and white hatching have replaced the other lane. After this junction, the road changes character once more, reverting to S2 and passing under the M4. We are now running along Beacon Lane, through fields, before a scattering of houses mark the start of Winterbourne. All too soon, however, we are at journey's end on the B4058.


Henbury - Patchway

The B4057 in 1956, recently chopped up by 'Filton Aerodrome'

In the days when the B4057 crossed over Passage Road, that road was unclassified, the A4018 still stopping on Durdham Down to the south. Our route from Crow Lane kinked to the north slightly, and ran through the car park, across the zebra crossing, up the path and so along Charlton Lane. We then turned into Fishpool Hill and over the railway. It is at this bridge that the 1953 OS map (left) shows us finishing, but before 'Filton Aerodrome' was built, Fishpool Hill crossed the runway, and picked up the old formation immediately south of the 'San Andreas' roundabout on Highwood Road. The single carriageway B4057 would then have followed Highwood Road all the way to the junction with the A38 described above. Further information about this section of the B4057, and the closure due to Filton Aerodrome, cab be found at Filton Bypass.

Filton - Winterbourne

This section was originally unclassified but became an eastern extension of the B4057 in the early 1930s. The only realignment to this part of the road is that the B4057 used to follow Church Lane past Court Farm to meet the B4058 a little further north.

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