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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Newport (ST322868)
To:  Abergavenny (SO304128)
Via:  Pontypool
Distance:  18.2 miles (29.3 km)
Meets:  A48, B4591, A4051, M4, B4596, B4236, B4051, A472, B4269, A40, A465
Former Number(s):  A472, A4125
Old route now:  A4051
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

Welsh Government • Newport

South Wales TRA
Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A4042 Newport - Brynglas
A4042 Brynglas - Abergavenny


Looking south from Pillmawr Road Bridge

The A4042 is an important north-south road in Monmouthshire.

The route begins at a light-controlled junction with the A48 Southern Distributor Road in the south of Newport and travels northwards as Usk Way through the city's docklands. It continues as Kingsway in the city centre and then becomes an elevated roadway known as Heidenheim Drive through the Crindau district. Here the road meets the M4 and J25A, with a spur running alongside the motorway to J25. The A4042 gains primary status from here and continues north as a dual-carriageway road with the occasional roundabout.

The road bypasses Cwmbrân to reach the A472 at Pontypool. It is now the dominant number in a multiplex east until that road turns off at the end of the dual carriageway at Little Mill. The A4042 now becomes a winding single carriageway through a few small villages. Eventually it crosses the River Usk which it ran alongside back in Newport, before ending at a roundabout to the south of Abergavenny, where it meets the A40 and A465.


Route changes

In 1922 the A4042 ran only from Newport to Pontypool. It still follows this route although it has been heavily bypassed and very little is on its original route.

The southern end of the A4042 was on the A48 in the centre of Newport. It then headed north along what is now the A4051 until the end of the dual-carriageway section. A few villages later, it ended on the A472 in Pontypool.

The A4042 was extended north to Abergavenny in 1935 along what was the A4125, although this required a multiplex with the A472. It became the dominant partner in the multiplex when it was deemed the main route, at a similar time to the building of the Cwmbrân Bypass.

At the southern end, the A4042 was extended south of the A48 along what was the A4052 to just past Newport Transporter Bridge. This section was declassified with the building of the current Usk Way, the road's present southern end.


Croesyceiliog Diversion - the 1.75 mile dual carriageway bypass was opened in May 1965 per the Wales 1965 Report.

Brynglas Tunnels and Malpas Road Relief Road - the Malpas Road Relief Road section opened in January 1995 per the South Wales Echo of 10 May 1995. The section alongside M4 over River Usk to Caerleon Interchange was opened on 10 May 1995. Cost was £95 million.

Llantarnam Bypass - the 2 mile dual carriageway from Newport Road (Croesyceiliog Bypass) to Croes-y-mwyalch Roundabout (Malpas Road Relief Road) was opened on 15 April 1996. Cost was £9 million.


Llanellen - Llanover: the 1 mile re-alignment from Oak Cottage, (Oak Lane, Llanellen) to Llanover Pitch was opened in July 1969 per the Cymru : Wales 1969 Report. 24 foot carriageway.

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