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From:  Brook Street (TQ569925)
To:  Mountnessing (TQ622967)
Via:  Brentwood
Distance:  4.5 miles (7.2 km)
Meets:  A12, M25, A128, A129, A12
Former Number(s):  A12
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A1023 Brook Street - Brentwood - Mountnessing
This article is about the current A1023, the former A12 in Brentwood, Essex.
For the original A1023, a link between the A47 and A134 at Crimplesham, Norfolk, see A1023 (Norfolk)

The A1023 is that part of the A12 re-numbered following the opening of the Brentwood by-pass in 1966.


The road begins at Brook Street Interchange, which is also the roundabout connection between the M25 (Junction 28) and the A12 (Junction 11), and heads northeastwards into Brentwood.

As this is built upon the Roman Road from London to Colchester, it is naturally quite straight. It is not level, however, as Brentwood is built on a hill. Almost immediately there is a 30 mph restriction, even though the vicinity is fairly rural. The climb continues for about a mile and a half up to Brentwood Town Centre. There is a traffic-light-controlled crossroads for a local road and the B185, which leads to the B186 towards Warley. The former pub, The Lord Napier, on the left corner of this junction has been demolished and a left turn lane built at the lights.

The road proceeds along Brentwood High Street, so is busy during shopping hours. At the end of the High Street is a staggered junction. This is with the former primary A128. The junction is offset for the A128 and there used to be three-phase lights, replaced with a double mini-roundabout in 1982. There was for some years a road sign here advertising a "secret" nuclear bunker to the north along the A128 at Kelvedon Hatch. It is still so signed on the opposite direction.

Chelmsford Road, Shenfield

Continuing ahead, the houses are widely spaced and large in size. On the left is the cricket ground where Essex had their base in the later quarter of the nineteenth century and continued to play occasional matches until the 1960s. After another mile or so the road reaches the environs of Shenfield and the A129 begins to the right at traffic lights. There are some bends in this section and ahead and it is assumed this is because the road abandons its original Roman route.

The houses then become even scarcer, but it is not for another three quarters of a mile that a 40 mph limit is reached. After a further three quarters of a mile the road ends at a roundabout that is grade-separated above the A12, forming A12 J12. Traffic signs on the route suggest this is the Mountnessing Roundabout rather than the Marylands Interchange. This is at the end of the Brentwood bypass and the beginning of the Mountnessing one. The pre-bypass A12 ahead through Mountnessing is now numbered B1002.

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Chelmsford Road, Shenfield, Essex - Geograph - 37907.jpgMarylands Interchange with M12.pngJunction of A12 with A1023 & B1002 Brentwood, Essex - Geograph - 724390.jpg
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