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From:  Hartburn (NZ429166)
To:  Billingham (NZ454221)
Distance:  5.5 miles (8.9 km)
Meets:  A135, A66, A177, A19, A139
Former Number(s):  A19, A67
Primary Destinations
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Route outline (key)
A1027 Hartburn - Billingham
This article is about the current A1027 in Stockton-on-Tees.
For the original A1027 in Wisbech, see A1027 (Wisbech)

The A1027 forms the Stockton-on-Tees western bypass, a road now less important than when originally built as the A19 now runs to the east of the town.

The road starts at a roundabout in the Preston Farm Industrial Estate. The A135, which has come in from the south along the old A19 now turns east and the A1027 continues north along that line. It is dual past the next roundabout, a GSJ with the A66, then narrows just after crossing the York to Middlesbrough railway line. A short distance further on the road TOTSOs left at traffic lights with the now-unclassified former A19 continuing ahead into Stockton town centre (although a better route would be to have stayed on the A135).

After crossing the railway line south of Stockton the road skirts Ropner Park, having to TOTSO right on this stretch; this is the original line of the A67 and the road layout still reflects that. Now at its original southern end the A1027 heads vaguely northwards along Hartburn Lane and soon crosses a roundabout. It continues north through the suburbs and goes through Newham Grange Park before crossing the A177 at the next roundabout.

Under the railway

The road now runs between the suburbs rather than through them and as such seems surprisingly rural in the manner of a New Town distributor. Indeed, as can be seen when going under the Stockton to Sunderland railway line and in the boundary line elsewhere, there is enough space for this road to be dual although it remains S2 for the time being. After crossing the B1274 in Norton the road does become dual. However, we soon have to stop at traffic lights and then after the same distance again the A19 is met at a roundabout GSJ.

The A1027 does not stop here, however. A third section the same distance, still dual, leads us back to the original A19 at a roundabout. This is unclassified to the left but we turn right and follow that road south through the outskirts of Billingham as far as the next roundabout, from where the southbound A19 can be accessed. The old route of that road continues as the A139.


The road is not present on OS mapping prior to 1968. In that year, its first phase appears on maps. This is the numbering of the previously-unclassified Hartburn Avenue, Oxbridge Avenue and Bishopton Avenue, connecting A66 Darlington Road and A177 Durham Road. The section connecting this with A19 Wolviston Road in Billingham does not exist at this stage, but has been built by 1974, including a roundabout intersection with B1274 and a short dualled section between there and A19. This road appears not to have a name, or if it has it is not shown on maps.

The 1974 situation persisted until both A66 and A19 were diverted onto new-build dual carriageways. At the Billingham end, A1027 took over the southernmost part of the Billingham by-pass as far as the junction with A139, the former A19 through Stockton town centre, with the rest of Wolviston Road becoming unclassified. At the southern end, it was extended over the remainder of Hartburn Avenue as far as Yarm Road. This was, at the time, part of A135 another part of the original route of A19 through Stockton. However, A135 has also now been diverted, along the newly-built Concorde Way, Bowesfield Lane and 1825 Way, so A1027 has taken over the section of Yarm Road south as far as the roundabout junction with A135, this section including a junction with the modern A66.

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