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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Halfway House (NX305616)
To:  Wigtown (NX432552)
Via:  Kirkcowan
Distance:  9.6 miles (15.4 km)
Meets:  A75, B735, B7052, B7005, A714
Highway Authorities

Dumfries and Galloway

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
B733 Halfway House - Wigtown

The B733 is a rural B-road in eastern Wigtownshire.

The route starts on the A75 at Halfway House, to the west of Kirkcowan, and road heads east through a wood before emerging into fields. It continues to meander gently, passing a couple of farms and offering some good views of the distant hills to the left. Before long it reaches the village of Kirkcowan, entering on Station Road and then curving round two sides of the white-painted church as it turns right at a crossroads. It drops steadily down the long straight Main Street, running between brightly painted terraces with a scattering of shops, and meeting the B735 en route. A couple of wiggly bends around the old churchyard turn the route eastwards once more, and out into the fields. After leaving the village the road zigzags to cross the narrow Johnstons Bridge over the Tarf Water. The river is briefly followed downstream, before the road curves southwards above the confluence with the River Bladnoch.


The route follows the river valley downstream for over a mile, climbing a little through the shallow dip behind Boat Hill, before meeting the B7052 at a T junction. It turns back towards the east at the junction, and after a short straight it crosses the narrow Spittal Bridge over the River Bladnoch. A short sharp climb then winds up the hill to go through the scattered settlement of Spittal. After a couple of shorter straights, a tighter double bends leads onto a much straighter section which climbs gently across the undulating landscape. There are some sinuous bends, and a couple of slight crests, but this is generally a good long run across the fields of Torhousemuir above the River Bladnoch. Apart from the distant glimpses of the hills to the north, this is a gently rolling green landscape with a couple of slightly lumpy hills here and there which the road threads its way between. The sea must be away to the south, but the landscape fades into the sky at the horizon, with the hills gently lifting before dropping to the hidden sea.

At length, a wooded dip can be seen down to the right, showing where the Bladnoch flows, but it is never really in view from the road as they stay at least a field apart before the river meanders away to the south. The road keeps heading west, climbing to a low summit of 47m between a couple of slightly higher hills. It then winds down round another low hill and Presently reaches a crossroads where it has to give way to the B7005. The road now narrows for the final short run as it climbs to enter the famous Scottish Book Town of Wigtown. It runs along the western end of the High Street to end on the A714 at a TOTSO junction at the western end of the vast old market place.

The 1922 MOT Road List defines this route as: Wigtown - Kirkcowan - Halfway House

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Spittal Layby & B733 - Geograph - 663324.jpgB733 through the woods near Kirkcowan - Geograph - 163233.jpgA75 and B733 Junction - Geograph - 2173835.jpgSpittal Bridge at the River Bladnoch - Geograph - 3915505.jpgBridge over the River Tarff - Geograph - 2979895.jpg
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