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B35 (Isle of Man)

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From:  Crosby (SC325795)
To:  St Mark's (SC294741)
Distance:  4.2 miles (6.8 km)
Meets:  A23, A1, A24, B36, A26
Highway Authorities

Isle of Man

Traditional Counties

Isle of Man

Route outline (key)
B35 Crosby - St Mark's
This article is about the current B35 between Crosby and St Marks.
For the original B35 on the Isle of Man, between Port St Mary and Port Erin, see B35 (Port St Mary - Port Erin)

The B35 is one of the longest B roads on the Isle of Man, exceeded in length only by routes in the mountains to the north.

One of the straighter sections of the route

The route starts on the A1 at Crosby Crossroads, opposite the A23 and heads south along Old Church Road. It dips slightly to cross the old railway line and River Dhoo, then climbs steeply up the far side of the valley. At the top of the hill, it passes the old parish church and then follows a long straight through an avenue of trees. Once out of the trees, the road dips a little to cross a burn, before a gentle winding climb across fields lifts it up to a crossroads with the A24 near Braaid. The junction sits in a dip in the hills, but is the highest point on the B35 at 144m.

Most of the first section of the route has been a narrow S2, but beyond the crossroads, the road really isn't wide enough for two cars to pass easily. The route continues to head south, following a sinuous route, curving through the fields past a few houses. A sharper left hand bend follows, with the route dipping to cross the upper reaches of the Santon Burn. As it climbs out of the shallow valley, it meets the B36 at a TOTSO junction. Despite continuing ahead, B35 traffic has to give way to that from the B36 which comes in from the right. The B35 now gains a centre line, but also has to negotiate a sequence of twistier bends before becoming straighter once more. The last stretch leads down to the tiny village of St Marks, where the route ends at another TOTSO junction, although this time the A26 has to give way to the B35.

B35 (Isle of Man)
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